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Thursday, February 6, 2014

NFL Through My Eyes - Super Bowl Recap

Wild on Sports
NFL Through My Eyes
Super Bowl Recap
By Wild on Sports Analyst Jennifer Jeffrey

I wanted to wait a few days after the “big game” to give my take on it. I wanted to let all the ridicule of the almighty quarterback, Peyton Manning, get out of the way. Although, I will admit, I partook in some of the roasting.

I personally believe that the very first play of the game started an avalanche of bad karma upon the Denver Broncos.

Manny Ramirez snapped the ball and it sailed well over his quarterback’s reach. 12 seconds in, the Seattle Seahawks got the safety and the score became 2-0, the quickest score in Superbowl history.

Bad play calls, bad throws, a couple of interceptions…it was not a pretty game, well not for Denver fans anyway.

Russell Wilson says he likes to play with the mentality that every game is a championship game. Apparent to all viewers, that line of thinking works for the Seahawks.

They were comfortable and at ease on the field. They dominated from the start and never stopped.

Marshawn Lynch got a 1 yard touchdown, Malcom Smith intercepted a pass from Manning (1 out of 2 interceptions, just so you know) and ran it 69 yards for a touchdown.

The score was 22-0 when the second half began the biggest deficit of the football season and the one and only time Denver did not score in the second half.

The half started of badly, again, for the Broncos. Percy Harvin returned an 87 yard kickoff for a touchdown. Another play that I liked was when Peyton tried, yes I said tried, to throw the ball to Julius Thomas, it was too high and fell perfectly into the waiting arms of Kam Chancellor….nice.

Denver only got 27 yards rushing, while Seattle had 135 yards rushing. Wow, quite a difference, huh?

Russell Wilson made history; he proved he is exactly where he is supposed to be. Richard Sherman (the best corner, don’t even say different Crabtree) suffered a high ankle sprain in the fourth quarter. See, Sherman, you are a human.

Malcolm Smith won MVP in Sunday’s game, it was well deserved.

Seattle forced 4 turnovers. It wasn’t the shootout we all hoped it would be…well again, unless your Seattle fans, this was the best game.

Now there are questions being asked about Manning’s ability to win the biggest games. He is 11-12 in the post season and 1-2 in the Superbowl. I am not sure why Peyton just can’t seem to obtain another glorious ring. There is a thought floating around in my head that it’s because he cannot seem to grow facial hair throughout the season, like a lot of other players do. It hinders his chances.

The word “embarrassing” is not in Manning’s vocabulary. He is displeased with that word being used to describe this game. Other words we can use are humiliating, demoralizing, shameful, distressing….shall I continue?

Wes Welker (who is 0-3 in the Superbowl) used that exact word. “This was embarrassing. No way I expected anything like this to happen.”

This explosive offense that apparently dominated the regular season did not seem to show up to Sunday’s game. I am not sure who was on that field against Seattle’s defense, but it wasn’t them.

As I said, Manning is now 11-12 in the post season, which happens to be shared with Brett Favre for the most playoff loses for a quarterback…HA!

The Seahawks won their first Superbowl and completely took out Denver; it was a sight to see.

CBSSports.com’s NFL writer, Will Brinson, said perfectly:

“Maybe defense wins championships, after all. The Seahawks made the case for such a statement Sunday night in the crisp, northern air, demolishing the best offense in NFL history 43-8….This game was the Seahawks smacking the Broncos in the mouth and Denver standing around just taking it and bleeding all over the field. The Broncos got bloodied and bloodied and bloodied some more. Seattle didn’t let up once, owning to their philosophy of continually trying to take it to the opposing offenses. They set a Superbowl record for most playing time with the lead, leading Denver for a whopping 59 minutes and 48 seconds. Absolute domination.”

I 100% agree….bloodied and bloodied….love it.

About the whole facial hair thing about Manning, I was just joking….kind of.

But hey, you never know, stranger things have happened. For example, Superbowl XLVIII.

The famous Superbowl commercials were….well, boring and dull. Kind of like the game itself (just kidding). Some people watch the game just to see these ads. They should be apologized to.

Of course Budweiser, with the Clydesdales and the cute little puppy, was the favorite of the night. The Coca-Cola commercial, singing America the Beautiful, was controversial in its own right and there were way to may ads about cars, I did not like them at all. And, I am pretty sure, I am not the only one.

The halftime show was probably the best action the Denver fans got to see that night.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, didn’t play their own instruments, I guess the NFL said they had to use pre-recorded music. Of course they did…..just another thing to make things more dull and boring.

Ok, I am ready for the 2014 season to begin, is it August yet?


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