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Monday, February 3, 2014

End the Best QB Ever Debate

Wild on Sports
End the Best QB Ever Debate
By Wild on Sports Analyst Jason Gillson

'With a win on Sunday, Peyton Manning will become the best QB in the history of the NFL" -- said just about every schmuck sports radio analyst across the country.

Thankfully, all that talk got put on the back burner last night when Manning and the Broncos were beaten badly in every aspect of the game. Humiliated, don't call it embarrassed -- Peyton finds that offensive -- but how could it be anything but humiliating for the best offense in the history of regular season football to be held to just 8 points in the Super Bowl.

Look, as cynical as that last paragraph may sound, I honestly wasn't rooting against Peyton Manning. I was rooting against the notion that a really good quarterback winning a second Super Bowl would make him the greatest ever, even if it was with two different teams. I didn't buy that for a second. Not when you have the likes of Joe Montana (4 for 4) and Brady (3 for 5) sitting there with more Super Bowl victories and appearances.

Whether or not Peyton Manning makes it back to the big game and wins one will have no bearing on the fact that he, along with Montana and Brady will go down as the best quarterbacks of all time.

But which one is better? You have to pick one! Common now, pick one! Who you got?!

Unless Brady goes out and wins two more or Manning goes out and wins three more, I don't think you can fairly rank one of them as the clear #1. It doesn't do justice to the careers the others have had. They really aren't comparable because the pieces in place around them are so different. Montana had Jerry Rice, Brady has Belichick on the sidelines, Manning had Marvin Harrison and now three or four really talented options.

They are all different and they are all great -- all time great -- all three of them.
For the sake of my sanity, I am glad we don't have to listen to "Peyton is the greatest ever" all week. Enough already.


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