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Friday, January 17, 2014

Rivalry Weekend on Another Level

Wild on Sports
Rivalry Weekend on Another Level
By Wild on Sports Analyst Jennifer Jeffrey

NFC Conference Championship
Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49er’s

AFC Conference Championship
New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos

4 teams
2 young fresh quarterbacks battle to see who is on top
2 legendary old school quarterbacks playing to see who is best

2 rival coaches, 2 rival quarterbacks.

It’s going to be quite the “Rivalry Sunday”.

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and San Francisco 49er’s coach, Jim Harbaugh have been rivals for many years. Since they both coached college teams, where Harbaugh’s team ended Carroll’s University of Southern California’s dynasty. Now, they are battling for NFC supremacy.
The personalities of these 2 coaches trickle down onto the players of the teams.
Both teams have similar aggressive defenses and both have power running quarterbacks in Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick.
The Niner's went to 3 straight conference championship games in the first three years that Harbaugh started coaching.
The Seahawks finished this regular season, tied for the best record (13-3), under the direction of Carroll.

Jim Harbaugh played college football at the University of Michigan and was also a NFL quarterback from 1987-2000. He played for the Chicago Bears for 14 years, and then went to the Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens and lastly, the San Diego Chargers.
Harbaugh started his coaching career in 2004, when he coached the University of San Diego before becoming head coach for the Niners in 2011.

Pete Carroll started off in the NFL as a defensive back coach for the Buffalo Bills. Head coaching for the New York Jets in 1994, then became defensive coordinater for the 49er’s (ironic) that then led to Carroll becoming head coach for the New England Patriots.
Carroll is known for his aggressive play calling.

Russell Wilson was drafted by the Seahawks in the 2012 NFL Draft. His team started the 2013 season with the first 4-0 start in franchise history, then losing to the Colts in week 5.
Wilson finished his season with 26 touchdown passes, 9 interceptions and a 101.2 passer rating and became the first quarterback in the Superbowl era to post a 100+ passer rating in each of his first 2 seasons.

Colin Kaepernick was drafted by the Niner’s in 2011 and was a backup to starter Alex Smith. In 2012, Smith got injured leading Kaepernick to become the starting quarterback.
In the 2013 season opener, Kaepernick threw for a career high 412 yards and had 3 touchdowns. His performance throughout the season marked the first 400 yard passing with 3 touchdowns by a Niner quarterback since 1999.

Years of intense matchups, the coaches of these two teams lead their teams to the NFC Championship game. Neither coach has ever been in the Superbowl.
Both coaches say that they do not hate each other and have great respect for the other.
But, this is going to be a grudge match. Both teams will play hard, grit their teeth and fight.
Who is going to be defeated?
This rivalry may come to an end on Sunday or will it start a new era of cutthroat competition?

Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots will be another game of rivalries. This time it’s not the coaches, it’s the legendary quarterback’s rivalry that continue from Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.

Manning played college football for the University of Tennessee. The first overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft for the Colts.
His football career and statistics have him ranked as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time (that can be debated). From 1998-2010, Manning led the Colts to 8 (7 AFC south and 1 AFC East) division championships, 2 AFC Championships and 1 Superbowl win.
Manning has 4 NFL MVP’s, which is a league record and thirteen 400-yard passing seasons.
In 2009, Peyton was named the best player in the NFL (again, this could be debated).
In his 2013 season with the Denver Broncos, he passed Tom Brady’s record for the most touchdown passes.

Tom Brady played football for the University of Michigan. #199 pick, in the 6th round of the 2000 NFL Draft, Brady was selected by the New England Patriots. He was the fourth string quarterback to starter Drew Bledsoe. In 2001, the legend of Tom Brady was made.

In Brady’s 11 seasons as a starter, he led the Patriots to 5 trips to the Superbowl, winning 3 of them, also having 2 Superbowl MVP awards. Brady set the record for the longest consecutive winning streak in NFL history, with 21 straight win over 2 seasons (2003-2004). In 2007, Tom led his team to the first undefeated regular season since the beginning of the 16 game schedule. In 2010, he was ranked as the best player in the NFL (now, that’s better). This season has been quite the roller coaster for this team. From Hernandez to Welker to the injuries of way to many players. That is a whole other article (which I would like to write). Tom Brady drove this team to the AFC Championship with all of these horrible circumstances. Sometimes, people question how they even won these games. When you have a great leader, you have the opportunity to create an outstanding team.

This quarterback rivalry has been around for about a decade. They have met several times over several scenarios.
They both have great statistics; both are amazing players and have more in common than we all think.
It is not based on hatred; it is based on the utmost respect for each other.

Sunday’s game is a battle between legendary quarterbacks. But, to Brady and Manning, it’s just a game they need to win.

If you are a football fan, Sunday is going to be a great day to watch these 2 games.


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