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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NFL Through My Eyes: Pro Bowl is a Joke

Wild on Sports
NFL Through My Eyes:
The Pro Bowl is a Joke
By Wild on Sports Analyst Jennifer Jeffrey

I am, personally, not even sure what the point of the Pro Bowl is.

Team Rice and Team Sanders, really?

Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders haven’t played football in, forever, why did they get their “own” team? Weird.

A couple of rules are different in the Pro Bowl that is not in “regular” football.

There are no kick offs, the ball is placed on the 25 yard line and the ball changes possession at the end of each quarter. Ummm….that’s no fun.

There were a very few plays that were even worth mentioning.

DeMarrco Murray from the Dallas Cowboys caught a 20 yard touchdown pass with only 41 seconds left and then Carolina’s Mike Tolbert got the 2 point conversion.

Baltimore Ravens, Justin Tuck, missed two field goals, one was 66 yards, and the other was on the final play of the game for 67 yards, oopsy.

Jimmy Graham from the New Orleans Saints and Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns caught touchdown passes for Team Rice. Desean Jackson from the Eagles and Cam Newton from Carolina had touchdowns for Team Sanders.

Team Rice winning, 22-21 (woohoo)

Nick Foles from the Eagles was the only quarterback out of 6 who did not throw a touchdown (shoulder shrug).

The game was sloppy, but did the players have fun? Of course they did.

Even though it rained, they were in Hawaii, it was like 70 degrees. Players got to put hits on their teammates from their real teams, and I am sure that felt good. They got to play football, they game they live for, one last time before they take a break and they got to see what it’s like to play with different talent. So, yes, I am sure they enjoyed their time.

Does the Pro Bowl matter? Really?

I wonder, in the back of the players head, if they are a teeny tiny bit embarrassed that they are playing in this game or if it makes them mad that they didn’t make it further in the league. I wonder…..

In less than a week, Super Bowl XLVIII will be played.

We all know what the stakes are: young fresh quarterback who may make a household name out of himself just like the legendary record breaker (55 touchdown passes) quarterback.

Peyton Manning has his wolf pack, or shall I say wild horses, of players on the offense to help get the Broncos down the field.

The Seattle Seahawks # 1 defense, will try to stop Manning.

Both teams have had good and bad games, but they are the best in their own divisions and will face off Sunday.

I am personally not super excited about the game because my team isn’t playing, but believe me, I will be watching. I am not a huge fan of Manning, but he is a great quarterback and he will fight hard to get another ring (still won’t be 3, just sayin) and Wilson will also be fighting hard to prove that he is on his way to the top.

As it gets closer to the big game, I am still 50/50 on which team I want to win.

So, with that being said, good luck to both.

Now…..fantasy football, yay! It never truly ends, does it?


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