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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NFL 10 Takes Tuesday: Champ Recap

Wild on Sports
NFL 10 Takes Tuesday
Bu Wild on Sports Analyst Billy Ball

Each week I give you my 10 takes from the weekend that was in the NFL

1. What Richard Sherman did after the NFC Championship was despicable. His team just made a fantastic come back after trailing for most for the game. The defense was bending but no breaking as the momentum was in complete shift. He had just made a play to win the game for the Seattle Seahawks. The Seattle Seahawks! Not the Richard Sherman's. I understand that emotions run high but to go on that gloating rant about being the best and how Michael Crabtree was a sub-par receiver is simply not OK. Yes Richard, you are an elite player. No one, outside of maybe a little on field trash talk, is going to tell you otherwise. You made a great play to help your team win, but that was just one play of 100's that were made in the game by the Seahawks. The group is of far more importance than the individual.

2. Good for Peyton Manning, but its still an up hill battle. Manning has been through a lot over the past few years and played his tail off over the weekend. He deserves a trip to the Super Bowl and earned it on Sunday. Now the real test begins. The best offense in the league takes on the best defense in the league. That will be must see TV. I think Peyton will be able to score enough points to give his team a chance to win. Where I am concerned in on the other side of the ball. Will the Broncos defense be able to hold the Seahawks under 20? That is what it is going to take and I'm just not sure that's happening.

3. The loss should not tarnish Tom Brady's legacy. Brady is one of, possibly even the best player in the history of the NFL. His team has gotten to the Conference Championship game year after year after year. Why is he getting knocked for losing one? Would it have been better if his team didn't get there? Are we penalizing him for constantly leading his team as far as he can? Is it his fault the top 4 defensive players on his team played a combined 7 snaps on Sunday? Give me a break with the tarnished legacy crap. The man is special. Did he get out played by Manning last week? Yes. But how many times has that gone the other way?

4. The pressure got to Colin Kaepernick down the stretch. The worst thing that possibly could have happen to Kaepernick in that game was the TD pass he threw to Anquan Boldin. It was a poorly thrown ball and he got away with it because the DB was out of position. After that he tried that same play two more times and got picked each time. Things were not going well for Kap & crew on offense and he got desperate and got away from what had been so successful earlier in the game: extend the play with your legs until something becomes open or take it yourself. We didn't see any QB scrambles in the 4th quarter. He looked like a mad man possessed prior to that. The pressure to succeed got to him and he got away from what got him there.

5. I actually kind of like Richard Sherman the columnist. Periodically throughout the season Richard Sherman has joined SI's Peter King and the famous Monday Morning QB Column with a column of his own. After all the attention from the post game chaos, Sherman wrote what was actually a very compelling read. Lost in the chaos was the fact that Sherman is actually a Standford graduate, playing for ironically, Jim Harbaugh. Hes a smart guy and a rather good writer. Read his column here: Richard Sherman MMQB Column

6. I don't care for Bill Belicick's comments regarding the Welker hit, but can't blame him. One of Wes Welker's more famous quotes as a Patriot talked about how it was kind of nice to stick it in Bill's face once in a while. Is that what he was doing here? Might be a bit of a stretch but if you watch the replay you can see why Belichick would be upset. Welker clearly made no attempt to avoid the contact, instead directing the brunt of the collision on Aquib Talib's mid section. The NFL has a penalty for hitting a defenseless receiver. Could a case be made that something should have been call for a hit on a defenseless DB?

7. Riding off in the sun set would serve Peyton Manning and Wes Welker well. I hope for the long term health of both players that they win the Super Bowl and walk away. I don't think either will and it would be horrible for the NFL if they did. All that in mind, Peyton Manning will be a 38 year old who has had his spine refused. Wes Welker has had more concussions that he has fingers over the course of career and at this rate may run out of toes to count them on as well. He was running around out there last weekend with a big padded helmet and just has that look in his eyes that he has been hit so many times that hes just not all there. I hope for their sake that they realize there is life after football and football takes a major toll on that each day.

8. What happened to NarVorro Bowman made me sick. Bowman was arguably the best linebacker in the NFL this season. He was have a great game up to the point of his injury and made a hell of a play in the process of getting injured. Tearing his ACL and MCL is a tough blow to a guy who had a career year and in the NFC Championship games was oh so close to creative the turnover that very well could have won the game for 49ers. Due to replay rules the result in the game we will never know. Outside of that play was happened was a devastating injury to a great player. It was down right nasty to watch and watch we did -- over and over again (I wonder what kind of slap on the wrist FOX will get this week?). I hope for his sake that he has a full recovery in time for next season. He is a huge part of that 49ers success and an amazing talent.

9. I'm interested to see how the new "fantasy draft" system plays out for the Pro Bowl. Dion Sanders and Jerry Rice are going head to head in the first real life fantasy draft and game. It is an interesting take on a game that desperately needed a shot in the arm. You can't blame the NFL for going this route. Fantasy football has made the NFL into the mass craze that it is today. I'm intrigued to see how it all plays out.

10. Denver 23 Seattle 17 --- Take it to the bank folks.


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