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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NFL 10 Takes Tuesday - The Big Game

Wild on Sports
NFL 10 Takes Tuesday
"The Big Game" Edition
By Wild on Sports Analyst Billy Ball

Each week I give you my 10 takes from the weekend that was in the NFL

1. I have absolutely no problem with Marshawn Lynch not wanting to talk at Media Day. Yes, he will probably be fined, but you know what -- who cares. He is focused on one thing and one thing only and that is winning a football game. He doesn't owe it to anyone (except in the case of a paid sponsor) to give someone a story. Now, he came across as a bit of a fool by just saying "beast mode" a whole bunch of time. That said, let the man be.

2. 20 years ago this week Pete Carroll got his first head coaching gig -- in New York -- where he will be playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday. The Seahawks hope this trip to New York ended better than the first some 20 years ago.

3. The Browns have a new coach (Mike Pettine), no one has heard of him. His family has already brought more attention to Cleveland than the last guy. He has a fairly entertaining daughter:
"Its the browns.. But hey, still pretty cool!" -- Too bad her Twitter account has since been deleted. Rumor has it she is a Ravens fans. Could make for a fun family rivalry.

4. The more I watch the Seahawks the more I'm convinced that Richard Sherman isn't even the best DB on his own team. No disrespect to the guy, hes a hell of a player and probably a top 5 DB in the league but he shares a secondary with probably the most underrated DB in football in Earl Thomas. The dude is an absolute stud. Watch yourself some film and see why.

5.Will Wes Welker redeem himself for his recent Super Bowl droppsees? He cost the Pats a Super Bowl last time he was in his spot. He has lost a few brain cells from concussions since. Call it a hunch, but I don't think he'll be Peyton's #1 target in the 4th quarter.

6. I like the Super Bowl in New York. I think true major cities should be considered for it. Why not Chicago? Why not not Boston? I like it. I'm sure a lot of players don't. Lets just hope a major snow event or negative temperatures don't scare the league away from it in the past.

7. You can get a ticket to the Super Bowl for less than $300. Prices are dropping on major sites like stubhub. According to Seat Geek, prices for seats have dropped 40% since the two conference championship games.

8. The Red Hot Chili Peppers at half time? YES PLEASE! These guys are legendary and know how to put on a show. The NFL got this one right.

9. Peyton Manning's Omaha count will be 34 -- take note prop betters!

10. Seattle 24 Denver 20 -- Take it to the bank!


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