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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hall Calls Three First-Timers

Wild on Sports
Hall Call Three First-Timers
By Wild on Sports Analyst Jason Gillson

Five years, my how the time flies. 

It has been five whole years since Major league baseball had seen the likes of Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine or Frank Thomas. In July arguably one of the greatest starting pitching duo's of all time and the one they call "the big hurt" will once again get their day in the spotlight as they are inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

While hundreds of players come and go, the names of the truly great rarely wonder far from memory. Its seems like just yesterday Maddux, Glavine and the powerhouse 90's Braves were moving down opponents. Now they will be enshrined in the ultimate record books, Coopertown, NY, home of the greatest names every to cross the lines. 

The hall will be feeling a little Brave heavy this time around. Fittingly, the two will enter win long time Braves manager Bobby Cox who, along with Joe Torre and Tony La Russa, was elected to the hall last month by the expansion era committee.

At 97.2 percent, Maddux enters with the highest vote total in years. His run of four consecutive Cy Young Awards from 1992-95 is a feat we may not see again for quite some time. His 355 career wins, 18 gold gloves and 3.16 ERA accentual checked his box off automatically for early every vote. The fact that he was not a unanimous entry is a shame, but a debate for a later day.

Glavine, Maddux's partner in crime in Atlanta for ten seasons was a near lock as well with 305 career wins, 10 all-star appearances and a pair of Cy Youngs of his own.

The two Braves will be joined by Frank Thomas, the first true power hitter to be inducted from the "steroid era" in some time. A two-time AL MVP, Thomas held a career .301 average with 521 homers and 1,704 RBIs in a season that spanned 19 seasons. While a firstbaseman for the majority of his career, he did spend some time as a DH, opening the door for a possible discussion for players like Edgar Martinez and potentially David Ortiz down the road.

The official tally can be seen below:
NameVotes (Pct.)Yrs. on ballot
Greg Maddux555 (97.2%)1
Tom Glavine525 (91.9)1
Frank Thomas478 (83.7)1
Craig Biggio427 (74.8)2
Mike Piazza355 (62.2)2
Jack Morris351 (61.5)15
Jeff Bagwell310 (54.3)4
Tim Raines263 (46.1)7
Roger Clemens202 (35.4)2
Barry Bonds198 (34.7)2
Lee Smith171 (29.9)12
Curt Schilling167 (29.2)2
Edgar Martinez144 (25.2)5
Alan Trammell119 (20.8)13
Mike Mussina116 (20.3)1
Jeff Kent87 (15.2)1
Fred McGriff67 (11.7)8
Mark McGwire63 (11.0)8
Larry Walker58 (10.2)4
Don Mattingly47 (8.2)14
Sammy Sosa41 (7.2)2
Rafael Palmeiro25 (4.4)4
Moises Alou6 (1.1)1
Hideo Nomo6 (1.1)1
Luis Gonzalez5 (0.9)1
Eric Gagne2 (0.4)1
J.T. Snow2 (0.4)1
Armando Benitez1 (0.2)1
Jacque Jones1 (0.2)1
Kenny Rogers1 (0.2)1
Sean Casey0 (0)1
Ray Durham0 (0)1
Todd Jones0 (0)1
Paul LoDuca0 (0)1
Richie Sexson0 (0)1
Mike Timlin0 (0)1


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