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Saturday, August 10, 2013

2013 Fantasy Football RB Rankings

Wild on Sports
2013 Fantasy Football RB Rankings
With the pre-season under way it is time for Fantasy Footballers everywhere to have their 2013 Drafts. Here at Wild on Sports we've got you covered breaking down the top 20 players at each position as well as a couple of sleepers to help you win your league this season!
Today we take a look at a position that was once quite deep but those days appear to be gone for the time being. The workhorse feature back is a dying breed with just a few studs left in the game. More common today we find split backfields which can make fantasy management at the RB position quite tricky. Lets take a look at at top 20 at the position...

Rank Player Team Bye
1 Adrian Peterson MIN 5
2 Arian Foster HOU 8
3 Marshawn Lynch SEA 12
4 Jamaal Charles KC 10
5 Ray Rice BAL 8
6 Trent Richardson CLE 10
7 Alfred Morris WAS 5
8 Doug Martin TB 5
9 LeSean McCoy PHI 12
10 C.J. Spiller BUF 12
11 Chris Johnson TEN 8
12 Stevan Ridley NE 10
13 Matt Forte CHI 8
14 Darren McFadden OAK 7
15 DeMarco Murray DAL 11
16 Maurice Jones-Drew JAC 9
17 Frank Gore SF 9
18 Steven Jackson ATL 6
19 Ryan Mathews SD 8
20 Darren Sproles NO 7

Friday, August 9, 2013

2013 Fantasy Football QB Rankings

Wild on Sports
2013 Fantasy Football QB Rankings

With the pre-season under way it is time for Fantasy Footballers everywhere to have their 2013 Drafts. Here at Wild on Sports we've got you covered breaking down the top 20 players at each position as well as a couple of sleepers to help you win your league this season!

First on the docket, we take a look at the Quarterback position. QB is possibly as deep as it has ever been making taking a QB early in most formats less of a priority than traditional years.

#  Player                       Team  Bye
1. Aaron Rodgers           GB      4
2. Drew Brees                NO     7
3. Cam Newton              CAR   4
4. Tom Brady                 NE      10
5. Colin Kaepernick        SF       9
6. Robert Griffin III        WAS   5
7. Peyton Manning         DEN    9
8. Andrew Luck             IND    8
9. Russell Wilson           SEA    12
10. Matt Ryan               ATL    6
11. Matthew Stafford    DET    9
12. Tony Romo             DAL   11
13. Eli Manning             NYG   9
14. Philip Rivers            SD      8
15. Andy Dalton           CIN    12
16. Ryan Tannehill        MIA    6
17. Josh Freeman          TB      5
18. Alex Smith             KC     10
19. Matt Schaub          HOU   8
20. Jay Cutler              CHI     8

Wild on Sports NFL Fanduel FreeRoll

Wild on Sports
Wild on Sports Fanduel FreeRoll

The 2013 NFL season is just around the corner! Wild on Sports and our friend at Fanduel.com are kicking off the season with a NFL Fanduel FreeRoll! That's right $500 is up for grabs in week one. Best of all, it take $0 to enter. All you have to do is click the link below, fill out a fantasy line-up for week 1 and poof, your chance at a share of $500 is just a click of the submit button away.

Fantasy Football and Free Money? How can you go wrong! New to fanduel? Click here to find out what it is all about! 

Coaches Just Aren't Doing Enough

Wild on Sports
Coaches Just Aren’t Doing Enough
By Wild on Sports Analyst Bryan Ridall

College football coaches get paid, on average, $1.64 million each year in order to help their players perform on the field and off it. However, higher profile coaches like Urban Meyer ($4 million), Les Miles ($4.3 million), and Nick Saban ($5.3 million) are given higher salaries and more contract incentives to deliver at schools where there are extremely high expectations. However, in light of the Aaron Hernandez saga, and after recent comments by TCU head coach Gary Patterson, it seems that the coaches with the highest expectations are caring less about the off-the-field teaching, and have become solely focused on winning. Though the pressure to win at the highest level is extremely important to the coaches, schools, and conferences; coaches need to realize that their main job is to prepare their student athletes for the outside world, in the event that sports doesn’t work out, and it seems that they are failing.

I will not sit here and say that the Aaron Hernandez saga is Urban Meyer’s fault, but there were plenty of steps that he could have taken that could have changed people’s fates. In May of 2007, months after enrolling at the University of Florida, Hernandez assaulted an employee of a Gainesville bar, and the police recommended he be charged with felony battery. However, in a “mysterious” turn of events, Hernandez was never arrested and the police noted, “it was unclear how or whether the case was resolved.” Later that year, Hernandez was questioned about the shooting of two people in Gainesville, after being identified with fellow teammate Reggie Nelson as the shooters. Later that day, the witness redacted both Nelson’s and Hernandez’s names from the record, but the case is being considered an “open investigation,” though no further attempts to find the shooters had been pursued until Hernandez was recently named in the Odin Lloyd murder. The only punishment that Hernandez ever received was a one game suspension for a positive marijuana test, never receiving any punishment or restrictions due to his more violent crimes. In Meyer’s six years at Florida, there were at least 31 arrests involving 25 different players, with 12 of the arrests involving felonies or violent misdemeanors. Things haven’t changed for Meyer since he arrived at Ohio State, with starters Bradley Roby and Carlos Hyde getting into trouble this offseason. Bradley Roby, a starting cornerback on OSU, was charged with misdemeanor battery for starting a bar fight and striking a bouncer. No punishment has been handed down for Roby and while it’s speculated that he will be suspended; Meyer has been reluctant to punish the best player on his team. Carlos Hyde, the team’s starting running back, will be suspended for the first three games of the season after assaulting a woman at a downtown bar. Though Meyer can’t control everything that his players’ do, if he recruited better people and instilled better values in his players, without letting them get away with their transgressions, it is likely that his teams would have less legal issues.

Another perfect example of putting winning over the development of college football players into responsible members of society was recently pointed out by TCU coach Gary Patterson. TCU faces off against LSU in the first game of the year for each team, and TCU has always been a strong team, and is looking to get back to a BCS bowl after struggling the last two years. LSU head coach Les Miles announced, on Tuesday, that star running back Jeremy Hill will be reinstated to the football team, and able to play in the game. Hill was suspended after pleading guilty to misdemeanor battery after running up and punching a man in the back of the head. If that wasn’t enough, Hill was already on probation for having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl. Miles allowed Hill back onto the team after having a “team vote” to decide whether or not to allow Hill back onto the team. Patterson is a coach who understands what it means to develop men, because he has suspended star defensive end Devonte Fields for the LSU game for what is being describe as a minor violation of team policies. Patterson came out, after Miles’s decision, and was very honest and aggressive in his comments, saying that he knows that “the whole team would vote Devonte back on the team because they want to win.” He later added, “That doesn’t teach life lessons,” showing that Patterson understands the responsibilities that he has as a college football coach. Patterson has said he wouldn’t consider changing the suspension to Fields, which means that the Horned Frogs will be without their best player for the game against the #13 Tigers, hoping that it will educate Fields and the rest of the underclassmen as to the responsibilities that they have as players and people.

The need to win in college sports, football specifically has altered the way that college coaches, at premier football programs, treat their job and responsibilities. Athletic Directors across the nation should start putting clauses in coaches’ contracts that if a certain amount of players are arrested, or if they are arrested for serious crimes, the coaches should not be able to get their full pay. After all, college football coaches should be teachers and mentors, focused on preparing their players for life after college, rather than worrying about getting themselves more lucrative contracts.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's Time for a Revolution!

Wild on Sports
It’s Time for a Revolution!
By Wild on Sports Analyst Bryan Ridall

History, American specifically has been defined by revolutions and rebellions, starting with a few actions done by a treasonous group we now know as our Founding Fathers. The goal was to overthrow the corrupt power that was ruling over a group of people that it didn’t understand, with outdated laws and code of conduct that weren’t tailored to the time or environment that they were being applied to. Now, it seems that the next great revolution in America requires the overthrowing of the NCAA, a body of government that is extremely corrupt, and profits uncontrollably off its “colonists.” With the recent stories surrounding Johnny Manziel signing autographs for compensation, along with the breaking news that Jadeveon Clowney may have been compensated for autographs as well, it seems that they could be the “Founding Fathers” to ensure that college athletes, especially high-profile ones, can get fair compensation, or at least benefit from the use of their name, likeness, and merchandise the way that the NCAA does while they are playing and continues to after they have left the college ranks.

When news broke that Johnny Manziel might have received compensation, members of the media started infighting, discussing their views on the NCAA’s position on amateurism and the fact that college players are not allowed to receive any sort of compensation at all. Many members of sports media are former players themselves and have gone through the process of waiting to profit off their play and name. However, the people who I have heard discuss it have NEVER been as popular, or as visible to the entire world as Clowney and Manziel are, growing up in the age of social media. Most of the country, if not the world, have seen Manziel’s amazing plays throughout last year’s season, and Clowney’s helmet-popping, fumble-causing hit in the bowl game against Michigan. Social media has not only allowed Clowney and Manziel recognizable to the entire world, but has also allowed every move that they make to become public knowledge because of the ability of cell phones to take pictures and videos and then share them. Former players won’t come out and admit it, but you have to figure for every high-profile athlete that has been caught signing autographs for compensation, there are at least one hundred who did it without the NCAA’s knowledge or consequences. If there is any time for college football players, and college athletes in general to band together to fight the NCAA, it’s now, with two of college football’s most recognizable players leading the charge.

Regardless of if Clowney and Manziel are guilty, the NCAA will find itself in a tough spot this season. Clowney and Manziel are not only their teams’ most talented players, but are also Heisman contenders, two of the most recognizable players in college football, and top NFL prospects. If the allegations are true, Clowney and Manziel could lose their amateur status, and the NCAA would not allow them to compete this year, requiring them to enter the draft. Personally, I don’t think that the NCAA could afford to do this because of three important things: the lost revenue the decision would result in, the ill will garnered towards the NCAA, and the attention that the NCAA’s outdated amateur policy would receive. Clowney and Manziel both play in the SEC, college football’s most successful and dominant division, and if you think that the SEC would sit quietly as its two biggest players were suspended, I have some oceanfront property to sell you in Kansas.

The hypocrisy in the NCAA’s amateur policy is absurd, and I applaud Jay Bilas for his Twitter tirade, which got the attention of the NCAA. Bilas pointed out how on the NCAA’s memorabilia site, shopncaasports.com, you can use the search bar to find memorabilia of your favorite college player, by searching their name, and proceeded to prove it by searching Johnny Manziel, Jadeveon Clowney, and Taj Boyd. Though the players’ names don’t appear on the jersey, using the names directed shoppers to memorabilia with the players’ numbers on them, and the Texas A&M merchandise even has Football on the back, Manziel’s nickname. The NCAA noticed Bilas’s rampage, and changed their site to disable searching by specific players’ names, but the damage has already been done. The NCAA has long argued that they don’t profit off of player’s names specifically; however, how can they argue that when their memorabilia website allows shoppers to search by the players’ names. Manziel and Clowney, regardless of if they violated NCAA policy or not, should start a revolution against the NCAA, allowing players to retain the rights to their own name, something that obviously isn’t happening now.

Patrick Henry once said, “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.” The outdated and overbearing NCAA amateur policies have controlled all college athletes, but most specifically the high-profile athletes, that make their universities and NCAA tons of money. Manziel and Clowney are the present-day Founding Fathers, possibly committing treason in order to advance the status of all other college athletes. As Henry said, “If this be treason, make the most of it!”

NFC North Showdown

Wild on Sports
NFC North Showdown
By Wild on Sports Analyst Andrew Weflen

It's finally that time of year again - summer is on the downhill slope, the stagnant summer heat is giving way to a crisp, light breeze, and mother nature is hinting at one thing: Football season! That's right, its time to get those NFL jerseys out of the closet and back in the weekly rotation. If many of you are getting the itch like I am, you find yourself flipping to ESPN a little more often, keeping track of any last minute moves, and tracking every depth chart. After all, you can't let you're buddy win that fantasy league again. Well, at least I can't. I can't handle that kind of demoralization two years in a row. That's why this year will be different - for myself in fantasy, and for many teams across the league. So let's take a look at one of the NFL's most diverse, competitive, and toughest divisions: The NFC North. There's been a lot of changes this off-season for these cold weather teams, so let's break them down by team, and then I'll let you in on my division pick.

Chicago Bears - What an off-season for the Bears.  I, like many across the country, was surprised to see the Bears go with a rather unknown head coach.  However, the more I researched into Marc Trestman, the more I liked the hire.  Trestman's resume includes winning a CFL title with the Montreal Alouettes, but I think what is more exciting for Bear fans is the reputation of being a QB guru.  Having worked with Steve Young and Rich Gannon (just to name a few), Chicago should expect Cutler to flourish with Trestman this year.  After all, it's Cutler's contract year.  Even more exciting is the return of a healthy Alshon Jeffrey, who looks to be a serious threat lining up across from Brandon Marshall.  With a revamped O-Line, the signing of Martellus Bennett, and Aaron Cromer taking the offensive coordinator/offensive line coaching duties (no need to mention he's coached Drew Brees), the Bears offense really has the potential to explode this year.  Throw in the mix of a healthy Matt Forte and Michael Bush, and you can expect the Bears to put up a lot of points.  And we can't talk about the Bears without mentioning the defense, can we?  Sure, Urlacher retired.  In my opinion, he's been playing like he was retired for the past two years.  I understand leadership goes a long way, but I really don't see the Bears hurting much from this.  With the signing of D.J. Williams and James Anderson, don't expect a big hold at the LB position.  I understand these guys are no Urlacher in his prime, but I think they get the job done.  Plus, two of the top 10 CBs in the league in Charles Tillman and Tim Jennings return.  Expect Chicago to be a tough football team.  

Impact Fantasy Players (IFPs):  Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Martellus Bennet, Alshon Jeffrey, Bears D.

Detroit Lions -Well, hopefully the Lions can pay their bills better than their hosting city.  The streets of Detroit are rough, polluted, and dangerous.  Isn't there an old saying that says a team reflects their city?  This is the feeling I get when I look at the Lions.  I just don't get excited.  But, we can't overlook the fact that they have a tremendous QB/WR combo in Stafford and Johnson.  Megatron is still the best receiver in the game, and when Stafford is healthy, he's scary good.  The signing of Reggie Bush is exciting, but will he be as productive as anticipated?  I've always thought Bush was overrated - anyone can do a push-up with Kim Kardashian on their back, right?  But, I just question the leadership ability of Jim Swartz.  With the 7th most penalized team, the Lions need to gain control.  When playing disciplined, this team is scary.  As it seems with every thanksgiving, though, Suh has to stomp on somebody and then seem shocked people call him a dirty player.  Other players have followed suit, and quite frankly, lost control.  And 'comon, who can forget the Swartz - Harbaugh handshake?  I hadn't laughed that hard since Chris Farley was alive.  All in all, I see a lackluster season for Detroit.  My intuition tells me Stafford gets hurt again this year, and Detroit follows suit with their city: Depressing.

IFPs:  Matt Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and Reggie Bush if he's still available late.

Green Bay Packers -  When aren't the Packers tough?  Seriously, can you remember a time when they weren't scary to play?  Any team that has Aaron Rodgers as the helm is a title contender, period.  As expected, Ted Thompson laid low during the off season, and worked on extending the contract of both Rodgers and Clay Matthews. The drafting of Datone Jones was a strong pick, which will pay dividends in the very near future.  However, the loss of Greg Jennings and Charles Woodson may cost the Pack a couple Ws this year.  Losing that kind of veteran leadership can certainly take its toll - and, the Packer's haven't replaced Woodson with a solid force as of yet. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  It will also be interesting to see how James Starks produces at the RB position this year.  All in all, expect Green Bay to be a solid football team again.  Nobody wants to play them in Lambeau.  Until McCarthy and Rodgers leave Wisconsin, the pack will be an NFC force to reckon with.

IFPs:  Aaron Rodgers, James Starks, Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson

Minnesota Vikings - What a solid draft for the Viks.  With three first round picks, gaining DT Sharrif Floyd, CB Xavier Rhodes, and WR Cordarrelle Patterson, the Vikings should be excited about this draft class.  Since Minnesota is no longer Percy whipped, expect Patterson to make an immediate impact.  Additionally, luring veteran Greg Jennings from the rival Pack, the Vikings should miss Harvin only minimally.  Expect Christian Ponder to have a decent year - his teammates believe in him, and he's showed some real promise.  Adding Matt Cassel to back him up, the Vikings can be a little at ease in case Ponder goes down.  However, I think Ponder has an average year at best.  But who needs a QB when you have AP?  Peterson remains the game's best running back, so expect him to prove this once again this year.  Hoping to lure another division rival's captain in Brian Urlacher, the Viks remain to have a questionable LB core, as we all know an agreement could not be reached with future hall of famer.  Overall, expect the Vikings to have a decent year, but miss the playoffs.

IFPs:  Adrian Peterson, Greg Jennings, Cordarrell Patterson, and Ponder if you need a bye week replacement.

Well, I've given you a low down on the state of the union for the NFC North.  Now it's time for predictions:

Division winner:     Chicago Bears (11-5)  
Wild Card winner:  Green Bay Packers (10-6)
                               Minnesota Vikings (8-8)
                               Detroit Lions (7-9)

Don't take your life savings to Vegas with these picks, but don't be surprised when Marc Trestman wins coach of the year.

PGA Championship Players to Watch

Wild on Sports
PGA Championship Players to Watch

The best players in the world are making their way to Rochester, New York this week for the fourth and final major of the 2013 season. The historic Oak Hill Country Club will host this year's PGA Championship. Oak Hill has been a destination for some of the biggest tournaments in the world over the years including the Ryder Cup, multiple U.S. Opens and now multiple PGA Championships, among several other PGA events. Who are the players to watch for this week? Lets take a look at five players to watch...

Tiger Woods
Despite having a "down year" Tiger comes into the PGA as arguably the hottest player on tour. He blew away the field last week at the Bridgestone Invitational including a second round 61 to win the tournament by eight strokes. Vegas had him as low as 3:1 odds to win this week. While he has yet to but together 4 rounds in Majors this season, these are the tournaments he lives for. It may not be Tiger vs. the field as it was a few years ago, but it is as close as it has ever been.

Keegan Bradley
Lost in Tiger's triumphant victory last week was the very solid second place finish Keegan Bradley put together. We haven't heard a lot from the passionate American since last falls Ryder Cup but he seems to be putting all the pieces together and should be a name to watch on the leaderboard this weekend. He also is a former PGA Champion, a distinction that never hurts.

Rory McIlroy
The defending PGA Champion and former World #1 has been anything but spectacular this season. That said, he has put together a couple of solid rounds in each of his last three events dating back to the British Open. If ever there was a time to reassert himself as a star in the game, this week would be it.

Henrik Stenson
Stenson has been the most consistent player in the world in 2013 having seven top 25 finishes and 5 top 10 finishes. He is coming off consecutive 2nd place finishes at The Open and WGC. If you are looking to ride a hot hand, Stensen may be the best bet for a guy not named Tiger Woods.

Phil Mickelson
After winning The Open, Scottish Open and finishing 2nd at the US Open, it is safe to say the the world's #2 ranked player is on his game in 2013. He has had success at Oak Hill in the past with strong showings at both the 1995 Ryder Cup and 2003 PGA Championship. He is certainly one of the favorites again this week.

MLB Power Rankings - August 8

Wild on Sports
MLB Power Rankings
August 8, 2013

We have a new #1! After taking 4 of 5 head to head against former #1 (St. Louis Cardinals) the Pittsburgh Pirates now sit atop the NL Central and atop this week's power rankings. Despite a sloppy series with the AAAA Houston Astros, the Boston Red Sox maintain the best record in baseball and check in at #2 again this week. Nipping at the Sox heals in both the AL East and our Power Rankings are the Tampa Bay Rays. The afore mentioned Cardinals slip all the way to #4 this week, while the red hot Atlanta Braves round out the top five.

Where does your team rank this week?

1. Pittsburgh Pirates (67-44, last week No. 4)
2. Boston Red Sox (68-45, last week No. 2)
3. Tampa Bay Rays (66-45, last week No. 3)
4. St. Louis Cardinals (65-45, last week No. 1)
5. Atlanta Braves (67-45, last week No. 6)
6. Detroit Tigers (64-45, last week No. 7)
7. Oakland A's (64-47, last week No. 5)
8. Los Angeles Dodgers (61-49, last week No. 10)
9. Cleveland Indians (62-49, last week No. 12)
10. Texas Rangers (62-50, last week No. 11)
11. Cincinnati Reds (61-51, last week No. 8)
12. Baltimore Orioles (61-51, last week No. 9)
13. New York Yankees (57-53, last week No. 13)
14. Kansas City Royals (56-52, last week No. 15)
15. Arizona Diamondbacks (56-55, last week No. 14)
16. Washington Nationals (54-57, last week No. 16)
17. Seattle Mariners (52-59, last week No. 18)
18. Los Angeles Angels (51-59, last week No. 20)
19. Colorado Rockies (52-61, last week No. 17)
20. San Diego Padres (52-60, last week No. 23)
21. Toronto Blue Jays (51-60, last week No. 22)
22. New York Mets (49-60, last week No. 24)
23. Philadelphia Phillies (50-61, last week No. 19)
24. Minnesota Twins (48-60, last week No. 26)
25. San Francisco Giants (49-61, last week No. 25)
26. Chicago Cubs (49-62, last week No. 21)
27. Milwaukee Brewers (47-64, last week No. 27)
28. Miami Marlins (43-67, last week No. 29)
29. Chicago White Sox (40-69, last week No. 28)
30. Houston Astros (36-74, last week No. 30)

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