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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NFL Fanduel Week 13 in Review

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NFL Fanduel Week 13 in Review

-Each week we take a look back at our NFL Fanduel Studs and Bargains to start. Whether good, bad or ugly we give you the run down and recap for each position. Lets take a look at how we did this week...

QB - Peyton Manning - DEN vs. KC -- $11,000 -- 33.8
Great bounce back game for Manning. He seemed to click from the get go with Eric Deker who put up one of the top point performances for a WR this week. 400 yards and 5 TD will earn you the top QB nob just about any week.
QB- Ryan Fitzpatrick - TEN vs. IND -- $7,600  -- 18.4
Up and down game for Fitzpatrick. At one point he looked like he was on his way to a fine game. A pick and a fumble later he was merely mediocre at best. Far better options out there.
RB - Adrian Peterson - MIN vs. CHI -- $9,100 -- 22.1
211 yards was huge. He was only a touchdown away from beast mode status. Always a smart pick.
RB - CJ Spiller - BUF vs. ATL -- $5,700  -- 22.7
Fantastic sleeper pick this week. Hard to believe we are giving the sleeper tag to a guy who was a unanimous 1st round pick in most fantasy drafts this year but after being down right useless for over half the season 149 yards and a TD is very solid.
WR - AJ Green - CIN vs. SD -- $8,800 -- 16.8
83 yards and a TD. Decent game but over shadowed by the 3 guys that went for 40+ this week.
WR - Anquan Boldin - SF vs. STL -- $5,900  -- 14.3
98 yards on 9 catches. He was targeted early and often. This marks two straight weeks as the top target.
TE - Rob Gronkowsi - NE vs. HOU -- $8,200  -- 21.7
127 yards and a TD. Gronk is the best TD gong right now. If you can find a way to get him in your line-ups each week you will not be disappointed.
TE - Rob Housler - ARI vs. PHI -- $4,700
3 catches for 21 yards. Swing and a miss....
K - Steven Hauschka - SEA vs. NO -- $5,800  -- 10
 Predominantly a touchdown game for Seattle and Hauschka leading to a middle of the road status. You could get the same production for much less elsewhere.
K - Robbie Gould - CHI vs. MINN -- $5,000 -- 9
Couple of FG's, couple of PAT's. Middle of the road status but not terrible for the price.
DEF - Buffalo Bills - vs. ATL -- $5,700 -- 7
Got stymied by the dome in Toronto. If this game was played outside I think this point total is different.
DEF - New York Jets - vs. MIA -- $5,000 -- 3
The Jets were just down right pitiful this week.


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