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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rangers, Tigers Agree to Blockbuster Trade

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Rangers, Tigers Agree to Blockbuster Trade

It had been a quiet off-season in the MLB to this point with the big name players -- Cano, Ellsbury, Beltran, ext. all yet to find new homes. The hot stove officially got fired up on Wednesday as the Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers agreed to a trade swapping all-stars Ian Kinsler and Prince Fielder. The deal as it stands, pending league approval will send Prince Fielder and $30million to Texas in exchange for the slugging second baseman Ian Kinsler. Commissioner Bud Selig must sign off on the deal because of the cash figures involved but that is not expected to be a road block at this point.

For Texas the addition of Fielder brings a huge bat to the middle of an already potent line-up. The Rangers had gone after Fielder in the past when he was on the open market three years ago before the Tigers eventually signed him to a nine-year, $214MM deal.  2013 was a bit of a disappointment for the big slugger as Fielder posted a .279/.362/.457 line with 25 home runs. Compare that to the .287/.393/.538 batting line and 35 home run per season average that he posted in his previous eight campaigns.
For Detroit they get one of the best players at his position in Kinsler. Really outside of Robinson Cano, Kinsler has been the most offensively talented 2B in the league the past several years. He will also save the Tigers roughly 4 million (after factoring in the cash sent) over the life of his contract. The biggest benefit for the Tigers is getting out of a contract that would have called for Fielder to make 24 million as a 34, 35 and 36 year old. For a play of his size there are some long term durability concerns despite the fact that he was been pretty durable to this point over the course of his career.

This trade really washes out to a win-win for both teams. Texas was able to open up second base for upcoming youngster Jurickson Profar, a player whom they are very high on. In the mean time they add a top of pop to the line up. For Detroit they add one of the best player at his position and loss a contract that could have proven to be handcuffing in future years.


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