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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NFL Fanduel Week 9 in Review

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NFL Fanduel Week 9 in Review

 Win, lose, up or down we recap the picks each week. Lets go to the numbers....

QB - Aaron Rodgers - GB vs. CHI -- 1.98
Fractured collar bone in the first half...ouch! Very unlucky pick here. Hopefully you went with the bargain or different stud.
QB - Geno Smith - NYJ vs. NO -- 12.4
Nick Foles anyone? Swing and a miss...
RB - Jamaal Charles - KC vs. BUF -- 12.6
Buffalo became the first team all season to hold Charles under 100 total yards. Of all weeks...
RB - Eddy Lacy - GB vs. CHI -- 21
With Rodgers going down it opened the door for Lacy to have a monster game. One of the better RB options again this week. It will be interesting to see if his price jumps significantly next week without Rodgers and the passing game to rely on.
WR - Dez Bryant - DAL vs. MIN -- 9.4
Failed to find the end-zone and was held to just 64 yards by one of the lesser pass defenses in the league.
WR - Brandon LaFell - CAR vs. ATL -- 10.4
At the league minimum price double digits isn't a bad bargin. Could have been monster if he had found the end-zone. Otherwise, we'll take it.
TE - Dallas Clark - BAL vs. CLE -- 1.9
TD streak ends at 2. Swing and a miss.
K - Garrett Hartley - NO vs. NYJ -- 11
Couple FG's, pair of PAT's, not bad.
D - St. Louis Rams - STL vs.TEN -- 7
28 points to the Titans was a bit unexpected.


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