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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Sad State of PED's

Wild on Sports
The Sad State of PED's
By Wild on Sports Analyst Jared Newcomb

Recently, Former American hero and icon for cancer survivors and cyclists around the world admitted to the ultimate evil of any pro athlete. Taking PED's. Like any athlete or individual in a competitive field they seek to gain an edge whatever the cost or consequences. With little concern of it's ramifications or the people that they may hurt in the process of personal gain. Lance's 7 Tour de' France wins have since been vacated along with his bronze Olympic medal,additionally, he has been banned for life from competitive cycling. So we ask the question; "How can someone do something so inherently wrong and bad, yet at that same time do the seemingly saintly thing of contributing millions of dollars for cancer research and starting his own Livestrong foundation"? His organization raised millions and funded, and supported people with cancer, However, in this Jekyll and Hyde persona ,he was in the process of deceiving, degrading and humiliating people that dare question him while also stripping away the integrity of the game. Lance told Oprah that without taking PED's he doubts that he would've won any of his Tours. Armstrong is yet another athlete added to the long list of professionals that has jeopardized our hope in a moral role model that we could look up too. It is becoming an unfortunate reality; when someone is successful or superior than others in talent we are regulated to cast a skeptical eye and ask if it is natural or PED's. We can only hope that Lance and others before him have learned their lesson, but we are kidding ourselves if we are to think that he is the last to cheat a game, a sport and the people that watch. With bloated egos and similarly sized paychecks it is hard to believe that Lance Armstrong truly feels any deep remorse for his actions.

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