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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

(TE)bow Time

Wild on Sports
(TE)bow Time
By Wild on Sports Analyst Davis McGregor
 From an interesting and winning career in Denver, to an uneventful one in New York, Tim Tebow has landed in New England for his next stop. Now unfortunately for Timmy he wasn’t even the Jets starter with Mark Sanchez as his competition so going toe to toe with Tom Brady for the QB spot has a zero percent chance of success. But maybe starting in a different position wouldn’t be the craziest thing to happen.

For the last two years tight end Rob Gronkowski dominated the Patriots offence hauling in 2,117 of Brady’s 10,000 passing yards. The Gronk captured a majority of the attention on this prolific Belicheck commanded offence, but the number two tight end wasn’t letting him steal the whole show.

Straight from The Swamp, Aaron Hernandez allowed the Pats to boast the greatest TE tandem in the league. They blew everyone expectations out of the water in their 2011 rookie season and continued to electrify in 2012. The bets of them doing that again though? About as good as betting on Tebow beating out Brady for his starting spot.

This isnt something due to a lack of physical skill either, it’s much more of a lack of mental skills. The two are total idiots, plain and simple. Now everyone, including Belicheck knew Gronkowski was a party animal going into it, I mean he did go to “Ball So Hard” University after all. But lately Gronk has been looking like the Pope compared to his counterpart Hernandez.

Starting June 26th, life for Aaron Hernandez has gone straight down hill. Now facing murder charges for the death of Odin Lloyd as well as another shooting dating all the way back to his Gator days. With so much tragedy following Hernandez and the injuries and immaturity of Gronkowski the once dominant tight end duo seems to have come to an end in New England. Or has it?

We all know Tebow’s days as a passer are done, but what about his days as a receiver? At 6’3, 250lbs he lines up right about the same as most tight ends around the league. An impressive 4.7 40-yard dash time at the combine does nothing but help his case. If Gronk goes down with another injury, and Hernandez gone it puts Michael Hoomanawanui on the spot to take over which, along with the loss of Wes Welker, doesn’t bode well for the Brady Bunch.

Tim Tebow coming in to save the day has always happened with him under the center but why not from the tight end spot? He knows the pass protection from working as a quarterback and knows the innate preferences of a passer for their receivers.

Now I’m not trying to push the point that he could start over most tight ends in the league in a fair tryout but with the particular circumstances that have kept Hernandes and Gronkowski off the field, Tebow just might have a shot here. Belicheck has a way of using players in different roles to help create success and this might be his next example of just that. Short of the mass attention that would be sure to follow this move, there isn’t much of a reason not to. Sorry Belicheck but if Gronk goes down then Tebow’s gotta come up.


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