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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sizing Up NBA Free Agency

Wild on Sports
Sizing Up NBA Free Agency
By Wild on Sports Analyst Andrew Weflen

Nearly a month after LeBron hoisted his second straight title, the NBA finds itself getting deeper into free agent season. Sure, the big guys have found homes. Anyone even breezing past a sports channel saw Dwight heading to H town, joining Jeremy Lin and James Hardin forming a reputable playoff squad. And of course, we can't forget about Kobe "unfollowing" Dwight on twitter. Andrew Bynum found refuge in Cleveland, but how much longer are his knees going to last? At any rate, even though the "major catches" (if you want to call them that) are off the market, there are still quality players available that can play pivotal roles as both situational players and energetic sixth or seventh men. Lets take a peek at a few of these guys:

Brandon Jennings - Jennings contributions to the Bucks have certainly made a splash. There's no doubt he's quick and dicey playing the PG position, but honestly, 40% shooting last year? Com'on, dude. You're in the NBA. Because of this, I think teams will be hesitant to make an offer that excites the Bucks enough to ship him off. After all, he's still a restricted free agent. There's no doubt he can contribute (especially in transition), so expect to see some offers thrown at Milwaukee. I just don't think there will be any strong enough. A sign and trade will be more likely, in my opinion.

Nate Robinson - Who doesn't love the energy this little guy brings to your team? I shouldn't call him little, I'm confident he can out-lift me in every scenario. But seriously, he's energetic, he plays hard, and he isn't afraid of anyone. At least last season's Nate Robinson wasn't. Go back a couple years and he's streaky at best. Robinson needs to put together a couple seasons in a row like last year with the Bulls, and teams will come a knockin'. So who's the team that's gonna keep Robinson rockin'? Averaging just over 13 points a game last year with the Bulls, there's no doubt in my mind he's not going to be a free agent much longer. Is it finally time for Robinson to get more than a one year deal?

Kenyon Martin - Okay, so Kenyon didn't look excited with the Clippers (I bet he's regretting that now). But after New York scooped him up, didn't he look more energized? Martin showed there's till plenty of diesel left in the tank. Chris Anderson showed the NBA how impact-full the big guys can be, so why not take a chance on Martin? I know, I know, he's 35. But I think there's someone out there who saw the value of the Birdman, and think, "why can't this be Martin?" Well, why not? Throw him a one year deal and lets see what happens.

Greg Oden - Stop giggling. I know he's got the knees of 87 year old woman. But seriously, lets look at the upside here. He's still a big guy. He can still play D. What's the worst that can happen? Sign him on a low end contract, and make him a reserve. Clearly he's not going to be the superstar big man the entire state of Oregon hoped he'd be. Heck, I was even hoping he'd make superstar status all the way out here in the Midwest. Even though he's been inactive for a couple of years, look for Oden to have a presence out there, somewhere, in a key situation. He's still a wise defender, and he still brings a value proposition. You just never know. I'm not saying he will make this beautiful, heartfelt, comeback. I am saying there's still some sort of value in the big guy, even if it is for 10 or 12 minutes a game.


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