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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Position Battles: Dallas Cowboys

Wild on Sports
Position Battles: Dallas Cowboys
By Wild on Sports Analyst Jared Newcomb

It is the third post of my four part series detailing the best position battles for each team in the NFC East. Today we discuss the Dallas Cowboys . They made waves in the off-season when they gave Tony Romo a 100 million dollar contract. To be honest I really don't see where this is deserved. You want to give him a contract extension fine, but 100 million dollars?! Tony Romo has alot of great weapons and should take advantage of those this year, however, if we look at his past record he has failed to deliver in the big games and I really don't see where he deserved this. I am also surprised they didn't draft a quarterback in the draft, they seem to be hinging their hope on Romo and Orton. Additionally if Jason Garret doesn't take the team to the playoffs big D will stand for big disappointment and time for a different path. Here are four position battles to look for.

Running Back - DeMarco Murray is an electric and explosive player - if he can stay healthy. That will remain to be seen. But my eyes will be focused on who the back-up will be. Felix Jones is now in Philly and that leaves Joeseph Randle, Tanner and Lance Dunbar. Whoever the back-up is he must he able to stay healthy with the health and full- season effectiveness of Murray in slight question. These back-up shouldn't steal the show from Murray but should be good enough to be a reliable one down filler.

Tight-End - We may be seeing the beginning of the end for Jason Witten. He is a beast, but was hurt last year and while he is still in the prime of his career a number two tight end will have to step forward to take the pressure off Witten while also providing Romo more passing options. In this battle for the back-up we have Gavin Escobar and James Hanna. James was involved with the passing games last year and should maintain a rapport with Romo which gives him a slight edge. Gavin was drafted by the Cowboys this past year so he may get more opportunities.

Strong Safety - This position is wide open and for the taking. Will Allen, Matt Johnson and JJ Wilcox will all make a strong case. Will Allen is a journey man player and has injuries.The player with the most to provide and ready for the job is rookie JJ Wilcox with the most upside and athletic ability....but don't count out Matt, he has more experience and may be better suited for Kiffen's Tampa 2 defense.

Guard - The starters from last season probably have the best shot again for this year. But we have a couple dark horses that could make a challenge. Ron Leary is that man that could make the most impact for a starting role through training camp.


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