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Saturday, July 20, 2013

NFL Position Battles: Washington Redskins

Wild on Sports
NFL Position Battles: Washington Redskins
By Wild on Sports Analyst Jared Newcomb

Today, on my fourth and final post of position battles to watch in the NFC East, we look too Washington. The Washington Redskins for so long have been the black sheep of the division. Could never get talent, a good coach and have been a basement dweller in the East for many years, never able to compete with the likes of the Eagles, Cowboys or Giants. But in came Shanahan and only a few years later has the 'Skins in the playoffs, a revived running game, a flourishing offense with Garcon going deep and suddenly the Redskins are no laughing matter. They have a very real shot of winning the division again and make some noise in the playoffs.

Tight End - Fred Davis is no Jason Witten and never was but is he very valuable to Washington. He is on the mend after tearing his Achilles and may not be ready for the season at least not 100%. So what are their options? Well aside from pursuing someone on the waiver they can look within. They drafted Jordan Reed in and he would be a good short term option, but given their tendency to run now with Morris and Griffin it may be incumbent of them to look at the bigger blocking style of Logan Paulsen. Either way these player will ultimately only be battling for second string but given Davis' increasing age it a worthy fight to watch.

Running Back
- In my Conference Preview I mentioned that I would make the argument that the NFC East has the best young group of running-backs in the entire league and I would love to discuss that further in the future. Still, Morris came on strong last year and is still a lock for the job. But who will back him up is a huge question mark and no I don't think RG3 is an option. I look for them to acquire some veteran off the waiver and maybe have him battle with a couple guys on the roster currently. Although there are no names here it is a worthy battle to watch since we only have a little sample of Morris and fear a sophomore slump for the bright second year man.

Wide Receiver - Last year Garcon become a Redskins and the pairing of the QB and WR was electric- until Garcon got a foot injury. They will need more depth at this position other than an ageing Santana Moss. Josh Morgan is a worthy number two but not the tallest nor most athletic receiver of the group. He is also coming off wrist and ankle surgeries,both of which must be healthy for any wide receiver to have success. Hankerson and Hernderson are both battling for Morgans spot to revive both of their careers. Look for there to be heated competition in training camp here.

Secondary - As I continue to write this article I am realizing that many players are hurt or coming off surgeries. That remains true for the secondary. Meriweather is coming off a torn ACL. Deangelo Hall is not The worst defensive back on the team to say the least but is hit and miss. Furthermore, they brought in E.J. Biggers as a free agent from Tampa Bay. This team was very bad last year in the backfield and will have to step it up to win the close games and can't count of RG3 to bail them out. Hall and Wilson will be the default starters, but if they don't preform off the ball they will be swapped out.


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