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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MLB Power Rankings - July 2nd

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MLB Power Rankings
July 2, 2013

With the best record in Major League Baseball the Pittsburgh Pirates are the #1 team in this week's Power Rankings. No, that is not a misprint. If you have been living under a rock for the past couple of month you have misses some very good baseball out at PNC Park. The Pirates are 28-13 at home this season and have won 9 in a row. That is going to get you at or near the top in just about any rankings. The St. Louis Cardinals have finally fallen from their perch at #1, a position they held for nearly two months. The Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves and Oakland A's round out the top five.

Don't look now but those underachievers out in LA are starting to come around. The Angels have won six games in a row thanks to the red hot hitting of Mike Trout. Their NL counterparts have been on a tear of their own going 8-2 in their last 10 games. Whether it is too little too late for the Dodgers remains to be seen but it sure is fun to watch Yasiel Puig swing the bat.

Speaking of underachievers, the Detroit Tigers have lost seven of their last 10 and now sit a half game behind Cleveland in the AL Central. Those two will begin a very important four game series starting July 5th. Sure, it is still pre-All-Star break but any series with your direct playoff competition can have major implications down the road.

Where does your team rank this week?

1. Pittsburgh Pirates (51-30, last week No. 3)
2. St. Louis Cardinals (49-32, last week No. 1)
3. Boston Red Sox (50-34, last week No. 2)
4. Atlanta Braves (48-34, last week No. 6)
5. Oakland A's (48-35, last week No. 5)
6. Texas Rangers (48-34, last week No. 7)
7. Baltimore Orioles (47-36, last week No. 9)
8. Cincinnati Reds (46-36, last week No. 4)
9. Detroit Tigers (43-37, last week No. 8)
10. Cleveland Indians (44-38, last week No. 13)
11. Tampa Bay Rays (43-39, last week No. 14)
12. Arizona Diamondbacks (42-39, last week No. 10)
13. New York Yankees (42-39, last week No. 11)
14. Washington Nationals (41-40, last week No. 17)
15. Toronto Blue Jays (40-41, last week No. 12)
16. Colorado Rockies (41-42, last week No. 18)
17. San Diego Padres (40-42, last week No. 16)
18. San Francisco Giants (39-42, last week No. 15)
19. Kansas City Royals (38-41, last week No. 20)
20. Los Angeles Angels (39-43, last week No. 22)
21. Philadelphia Phillies (39-44, last week No. 19)
22. Los Angeles Dodgers (38-43, last week No. 26)
23. Minnesota Twins (36-42, last week No. 21)
24. Chicago Cubs (35-45, last week No. 28)
25. New York Mets (33-45, last week No. 27)
26. Seattle Mariners (35-47, last week No. 23)
27. Chicago White Sox (32-47, last week No. 24)
28. Milwaukee Brewers (32-48, last week No. 25)
29. Houston Astros (30-52, last week No. 29)
30. Miami Marlins (29-51, last week No. 30)


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