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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fantasy Outlook: Philadelphia Eagles

Wild on Sports
Fantasy Outlook: Philadelphia Eagles
By Wild on Sports Analyst Jared Newcomb

The Philadelphia Eagles are an intriguing team for several reasons. A new coach, cloudy QB situation and a lack of veteran leader presence only makes it more difficult to safely project and analyze this Eagle team specifically the offensive segment from a fantasy standpoint. Obviously there is no QB on the Eagles roster of Vick, Foles, and Barkley that I would take in the first 4-5 rounds with confidence of performance in any draft. However, the man that starts under center for the Eagles will prove critical to the overall effectiveness and play of the surrounding core group of players. The concept isn't new and should remain a rigid guideline for all fantasy footballers in selecting and analyzing offensive weapons during a draft and it follows like this; How the QB throws is how the team flows. It isn't rocket science but often overlooked. The higher caliber of QB so often will the support around him be better. Therefore, since we know very little about our starting QB and at what level of play we can expect it is all speculation from here on out until reports from training camp start to roll in. That said this is exactly what Fantasy Football is all about - speculation, projecting, and even guessing. So quickly we'll run down some players that may or may not affect how you draft or view them with the team in your upcoming Fantasy Football campaign.

LeSean McCoy - He should have a great year regardless of the QB, with his unique ability to catch out of the backfield his value climbs dramatically in PPR leagues. Additionally, if Vick is in the backfield, though he may get fewer overall carries the opposing defense will have a tougher time identifying the runner and play which could provide a slight edge and provide an element of surprise for LeSean. On the other hand, Foles and Barkley, with limited experience may rely on McCoy more for carries in crucial spots which in turns means that McCoy would get more carries resulting in more yards and in the redzone; more scores. Of course to look at the downside the more times he is utilized would mean the wear and tear on his body could prove detrimental and result in injury. Fantasy Football is a high risk high reward game and it is up to you to find that perfect balance.

Wide Receiver - The wide-out position leaves something to be desired here. They, to my frustration, still lack a big,tall,aggressive, tough receiver that can go over the middle, over the top of a defender and snag those difficult catches. They lack a no-doubt-about-it-go-get-it receiver. So the main guys here are Desean, Maclin, Avant and Cooper. Avant and Cooper are taller while Jackson has to prove his toughness and durability and Maclin is playing for a contract. However, in this case I once again hearken back to the QB competition. Vick has the strongest arm, most experience, knows the playbook and his receivers tendencies, but despite all of that he has the most inaccurate arm of the favored trio. Barkley is unproven and had a dismal Senior year at USC. Foles has one year of experience and played well in a limited role lat year when Vick was hurt but will he face a Sophomore slump? Certainly Desean's speed is a huge asset to spread the secondary but too inconsistent for my liking with certain match-ups. he is like a home-run hitter, when he is hot he is unstoppable..but when the balls aren't flying he is a mess. I would consider him as a flex and bye week replacement in most leagues. Jeremy has the most potential and is playing for a contract extension. He isn't the fastest or tallest and is a pretty average receiver though more consistent than Desean and possibly less injury prone. I would think about drafting Maclin for a 3rd receiver spot in the middle rounds maybe trade him and others for a package for an area that you need help in. Unless a miracle happens Avant and Cooper should never even be considered for a roster spot on your fantasy team. Cooper will be targeted more than probably any other wide-out in the redzone, just because of his superior size to the others. Avant has tremendous hands and is very reliable on down and short to medium passes.

Tight -End - I actually really like our TE group. If Vick is the QB, like last year Celek, or Casey will have to come in as an extra blocker or safety valve.Casey looks to be featured in the backfield as HB. Either way you slice it neither TE will make a significant impact, but the potential is there, particularly if Barkely or Foles start you make seen an increase in targets for the TE's because typically younger QB's will seek their TE isf the rush gets to them. So it is worth keeping your eye on the waiver wire depending who the QB is and who else is on the market.

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