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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fantasy Football Beasts of the NFC East

Wild on Sports
Fantasy Football Beasts of the NFC East
By Wild on Sports Analyst Jared Newcomb

The Football season is starting to ramp up. training camps are only days away and for many of you that means your fantasy football season draft is only several weeks away. Today we focus on the NFC East and rank the best fantasy options 1-12. Because IDP leagues aren't as common defensive players will slide down further.

1) Eli Manning - Over the past several years I have noticed a slight change from running back to quarterback values in fantasy. That doesn't mean to disregard a top tier RB over a QB because the QB position does have more depth from the elite to the second tier than does running back. It does certainly depend on how your leagues settings points are awarded but with the NFL such a pass happy one It is hard to overlook the success that Eli has had particularly when Cruz and Nicks line up.

2) Lesean McCoy - Arguably a top five fantasy back he has lightening speed, can cut on a dime as his twitter handle describes and his ability to catch out of the backfield it undeniably valuable in PPR leagues. Chip could also use him alot if Foles or Barkley start the season as a way to cement the offense.

3) Robert Griffin
- He truly is Vick 2.0. Faster, more accurate, and better instincts he is absolutely incredible. A constant question and fear of mine as it is with Vick is can he withstand injury? If healthy he is a goldmine of fantasy points, but I would fear picking him to high, have an inadequate back-up and me messed up for the rest of the season.

4) Dez Bryant - He is a diva, but so talented. I really couldn't are less what you do Monday through Saturday so long as your bring me big points come game day.

5) Demarco Murray - A question mark with him is his durability, but if healthy he is a top ten rb in the league with great speed and vision.

6) Tony Romo - Let me just put it out there. I don't trust Romo. To me he is lie Phillip Rivers - great potential and ability but can never seem to put it all together. Last year I thought Rivers hada great chance to do some greats things. He failed to do so. This year I feel the same thing about Romo but am I brave enough to act on it?

7) Alfred Morris
- He came out of nowhere last year and barring a sophomore slump he makes the NFC East one of the best running back divisions.

8) Victor Cruz - Because Eli is the best QB in the East and because of the new contract extension given Eli should utilize Cruz alot.

9) Jason Witten
- Suffered a ruptured spleen and still came back to play. He is a monster, so consistent and reliable. I would been fortunate to have him on my team and I am sure he will remain a top TE in the league for several more years. With the Jimmy Grahams, Vernon Davis and Gronks of the league Witten can go unnoticed for several picks just waiting for you to pick him up.

10) Hakeem Nicks - Still a big threat and a great duo for Eli he will cause mayhem for any defense with his size and speed.

11) David Wilson - The new running back for the he could be a little bit of sleeper in the later rounds. The Giants seem confident enough in him to trade away Bradshaw and basically tab Brown as the starter. He will be a good change of pace alternative to Eli throwing.

12) Desean Jackson -
I put him here over several others including Austin, Jason Piers - Paul and any of the potential QB starters for the Eagles. Desean is a hit and miss type of guy. He did get a new on contract so that might keep him happy but don't bet the house on Desean to put up great number week in and week out.

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