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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wrapping Up Championship Season

Wild on Sports
Wrapping Up Championship Season
By Wild on Sports Analyst Jared Newcomb

What a great past two weeks it has been for sports! Well, that is except if your counting Aaron Hernadez. The Miami Heat finally overcame the fountain of youth finders in the San Antonio Spurs . The Spurs made it interesting in game six but then there was LeBron. I think we can all agree that Lebron is the best player in the world and will undoubtedly end his career as a top ten player. The Spurs lost game seven when they opted for allowing Dwayne and James to shoot at will instead of driving the way and dishing it out. It is common fact that the more you shoot the more chances there are scoring. The Spurs bet that it would work and they lost. The Spurs weren't playing the James of 2007 when he was a Cavalier and still has issues with his game. Since then James has plugged those holes and has become a great all around player. Now Chris Bosh, though he did have some nice games in Miami I think it would be wise for the Heat to trade him. I see teams like the Celtics and Sixers having interest, particularly since in the case of the Sixers, Andrew Bynum was paid 19 million dollars and didn't play a single minute and his status with the team is up in the air with bum knees. I still think Chris Bosh is a quality player, remembering his days with the Raptors, as a one man team and not getting regulated to third fiddle with the Heat. I think he can most definitely contribute with another team. If the Heat lost this series and the less acclaimed Spurs big three came out victorious I think it would be more of a reason to revamp the line-up. And even then Lebron would be off his mark with his championship count and face alot of criticism. For LeBron, to become one of the best to play the game he doesn't have to win five or six rings, even the best like Michael Jordan and Kobe have had a sidekick (Pippen and Shaq). For the next several year we will continue to see the Heat in the semifinals, it will just be a matter of seeing if he adds more rings to his fingers.

Although Football and Baseball are two of my favorite sports I cannot deny that when it comes to playoff time the Stanley Cup just edges out Football as the best sport to watch. The speed, intensity, and energy are incredible to watch. This Stanley Cup did not disappoint, it just cut a dagger in the hearts of Flyers fans. In 2010 the Flyers played the Blackhawks in the finals and was riding hot goal tender Michael Leighton. That is until in the final minutes Patrick Kane took a zero angle shot that some how found it way in the net. Moreover, Ray Emery? The Flyers had him for a time and just our luck, he did squat. We seem to experience that alot in Philly, players doing nothing here and great thing elsewhere, he went 17-1 in Chicago. Anyway enough of my weeping. The Bruins and Blakchawks made it a great series and should play themselves into contention next year as well. Both teams had a great season and an even better playoff run. In the end it may be argued if the better team won, but because in my predictions, I had picked the Blackhawks I won't argue the point.

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