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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sorry State of Philly Sports

Wild on Sports
Sorry State of Philly Sports
By Wild on Sports Analyst Jared Newcomb

Philadelphia is a great city, full of history and character..however, it's sports teams haven't been all that great recently...

Lets talk a little bit about the Philies. Um, they aren't doing to well if you haven't noticed. The thought of Manuel getting cut loose at the end of the season is slowly becoming more of a reality. But would it be reasonable for management to let him go before the end of the season? I think that Charlie deserves the respect to finish out the rest of the season. Moreover, the time has arose to clean house and acquire youth and if that means trading Lee, Halladay, Chase,Young and others then I say do it! The ball is in Amaro's court, time to see what he does with it.

The Eagles are just a few weeks away from the start of training camp and only a few months away from the opening day game! There are alot of questions still be be answered. Who will be the starting QB? How will the offense work. How will the defensive recovery from a disastrous and porous past two seasons? How will Chip Kelly put his imprint with the Eagles? I am very interested to see how he alters his game plan on the fly.

Andrew Bynum has a bum knee and the Sixers still have no coach with the draft coming up fast not to mention they are lacking a CEO at the moment. The Sixers are a mess, much like much of Philadelphia sports. With no coach and no clue about Bynum coming back or look to look elsewhere for a safer player. Bynum is young and has so much potential, but we paid him 19 million dollars last year and scored 0 points.The jury is still up on whether Turner can be an asset on the team.

The Flyers were a huge disappointment this past season. A defense that leaked like a sieve, a goaltender that was "lost in the woods" and an inconsistent offense. It looks like Briere will no longer dress in orange and black and news came out yesterday that the Flyers exercised their buyout for Bryz! It looks like Mason may be the future, but it may also be prudent to pick up a more experienced, veteran goalie like a Ray Emery who just finished up winning the cup with the Blackhawks and was with the Flyers for a short time.

Which team will win a championship next in Philly?

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