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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Puckmania: Stanley Cup Review

Wild on Sports
Puckmania: Stanley Cup Review
By Wild on Sports NHL Analyst Josh Tarr

It totally sucks having to write this, especially because I was wrong about my prediction by one game, but the Chicago Blackhawks are Stanley Cup Champions.

Nearly 24 hours ago, David Bolland scored the go ahead goal for Chicago, putting the dagger in the hearts of Bostonians- A people who dealt with a horrific tragedy more than two months ago and whose spirits are still re-cooperating. This Bruins team helped the city come together and gave it something to be proud of.

Just as the bombing victims, the medical staff running the marathon, those who rescued the injured, the runners themselves and all other who witnessed the horrific acts of violence displayed on April 15th and the following days, the Bruins displayed an ultimate level of heroism throughout their playoff run. Gregory Campbell hobbled on a broken leg for a whole minute while killing a crucial penalty against the heavily favored Penguins, whom they swept in the Eastern Conference Finals. Zdeno Chara received many facial lacerations during the course of the playoffs and for the most part, completely dominated the defensive zone. As we now know, Patrice Bergeron played game six of the Stanley Cup Finals with a broken rib and torn cartilage. Then stayed on the ice after separating his shoulder.

This kind of resiliency helped the slogan “Boston Strong”, once only used to lift the spirits of the city following the attacks, to rally the Bruins who never backed down from any sort of opponent or deficit and always played for each other. But as I woke up today, I realized that in this city, “Boston Strong” now means something completely different.

Every Bostonian knows that it’s championship titles have not come without many, and I stress, MANY crushing disappointments. Whether it’s Buckner, Dent or Boone, the 2010 Lakers, 2012 Heat, 2010 Flyers, the 18-1 Patriots or now Bryan Bickell and David Bolland, more times than not, being a Boston sports fan isn’t easy. Losing is a big part of this city’s sports history, and when they lose, it’s usually in ugly fashion. However, in this case, the Bruins are a deep and youthful squad, that has the potential to make deep playoff runs for at least another decade.

Whether you choose to be upset about the Blackhawks winning the cup this year or not, you can’t not applaud the Bruins for giving everything, literally, everything they could out on the ice for the last two months. They did it for one purpose only- to bring back life to this city. I for one believe they did a very good job of doing so.

And with that, I owe a sincere congratulations to the Blackhawks and the city of Chicago on winning their 5th Stanley Cup and their 2nd in four years. I look forward to seeing you guys next year, and I look forward to the beginning of October, when the Bruins start their run all over again.


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