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Monday, June 3, 2013

Puckmania: Don't Poke the Bear

Wild on Sports
Puckmania: Don't Poke the Bear
By Wild on Sports Analyst Josh Tarr

Before I start my thrashing of Sidney Crosby, Geno Malkin, Matt Cooke and the Pittsburgh Penguins as a whole, I would like to briefly touch up on an incredible experience I had yesterday.

I attempted the Tough Mudder Boston event, which took place in Gilford, New Hampshire at Mount Gunstock. If you’ve never heard of Tough Mudder, it’s essentially a 12 miles obstacle course, which tests your mental capacity beyond its limits. You are to jog (or walk, if you’re me) up and down various slopes and complete several obstacles in between, most of which, as you would imagine with the title, get you completely covered in mud. Now, I only completed 9 miles before developing shin splints and dehydration, but in the grand scheme of things, the most important part about my participation is that my entry money, which was about $150, went to the Wounded Warrior Project. So whether you’re a fitness nut, an adrenaline seeker or just want to spend a day bonding with friends and family, I would completely recommend looking into when Tough Mudder comes to your town. I don’t need to go into how the Wounded Warrior Project is a fantastic cause, because all of you know that.

Any who, how about that Hockey game last night?

As a Bruins fan AND a fair hockey analyst, I would have to say that Shanahan got the call right not to suspend Matt Cooke. Although I hate him with every fiber of my immensely fiber being, Brad Marchand made a similar hit from behind against James Neal and didn’t get a misconduct, thus, balancing out discipline in the long term. It doesn’t take away from the fact that Matt Cooke is a gutless human being who has not changed from his belligerent style of play.

Even worse, IMO, is that Evgeni Malkin took his frustration out of Patrice Bergeron (of all people) after being down 1-0 at the end of the second period. Followed by Sidney Crosby shoving Zdeno Chara and slashing the freakin goalie like he was a piƱata. Then in the third, Crosby took a blatant slash at Tyler Seguin’s leg and then proceeded to bitch and moan to the ref about the penalty call…

I understand that Sidney Crosby is the face of the league, and that being said, he has the right to reason with the refs and maybe have a call go his teams way in a crucial moment. But do you see Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Lebron James or any other respectable athlete complain as much as this guy? The answer to that is no, and for that reason alone, you have a legitimate reason to call Crosby a cry baby, a bitch, or anything else of the sort.

Oh, and to sum this rant up, I think shoving Zdeno Chara after play was a very bad idea on Crosby’s part. Especially for a guy who is still recovering from a broken jaw and was playing his first game without a face cage in about a month.

Don’t poke the bear.


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