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Friday, June 28, 2013

Chicago Blackhawks: An Organization of Class

Wild on Sports
Chicago Blackhawks: An Organization of Class
By Wild on Sports Analyst Jason Gillson

It's no secret that the city of Boston has gone through some troubling times over the past few months -- the Boston Marathon Bombings, the Boston Bruins suffering a crushing loss in the Stanley Cup Finals and most recently the Aaron Hernandez murder saga.  Well, in this sea of negative press, leave it to an organization outside of the city to bring Bostonians hope and a feel good story to the region.

The Chicago Blackhawks, more specifically the Wirtz organization (who owns the team) took out a full page ad in Friday's Boston Globe that reads as follows...

What a tremendous gesture on behalf of the Chicago organization. It has been well documented across this site that we host a staff largely comprised of New England based writers or transplants. I can tell you first hand that there has been just an unbelievable amount of disappointment amongst the WOS crew following each of the recent events. 

Having said that, reading this Friday morning when I opened the paper brought a smile to my face that has not been there for a sports related reason in some time. For a team like the Blackhawks to go through such a tough, grueling series and then turn around, put the bumps and bruises aside and send the opponent city a heart felt "Thank You" is just a gesture too classy to properly do it justice.

A+ Chicago. Organizations world wide could learn a real lesson from the gesture you have made today.


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