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Sunday, June 30, 2013

An Ice Life: 2013 NHL Draft Recap

Wild on Sports
An Ice Life: 2013 NHL Draft Recap
By Wild on Sports Analyst Brian Peirce

There were two stories in this year’s draft that were worth noting.

The biggest winner of the draft has to be Nashville. While MacKinnon and Drouin would be my top two players without a doubt, Seth Jones is a rare breed of defenseman. Nashville didn’t need a defenseman, but it was their strength with Suter and was weakened a bit when he left. Seth Jones should have gone to Colorado so he could play for his home, but Colorado had the first pick and Jones was the third best player according to most. They didn’t make a trade so they went with the consensus number one. Not a big story, but then Florida went with the fourth best player in the draft instead of LW Drouin or Seth Jones.

Tampa then took Drouin, which is a great addition. He could break 100 pts as a rookie if he plays with Stamkos and St Louis. He has that kind of ability. He played with two future players in RW Frk and C MacKinnon who went last year to Detroit and first overall, respectively in Halifax. He only put up 41 goals and 64 assists in 49 games and dominated his way to a Memorial Cup championship. He made MacKinnon and Frk better by being a great passer. Playing with St Louis and Stamkos should be the same set up he is used to in Halifax.

Jones fell into the Preds lap, and they will play him next to Weber right away. This is going to make both of them better. No one could have seen this coming, and they truly have the best and most obvious luck in the draft.

The other story was Cory Schneider getting traded for the 9th pick. The goaltender that Vancouver decided was a better fit than Luongo and slightly cheaper was moved instead of the awful contract of Roberto. I cannot believe they got such a high pick for a goaltender and cannot believe that they are going to try to keep Lou as their goaltender. This is a huge risk and the nucks had no choice but to do this or buy out the contract of Luongo. I think this was a lose-lose trade for both teams, which never happens.


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