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Friday, May 3, 2013

Who Is Playing QB In NY?

Wild on Sports
Who Is Playing QB In NY?
By Wild on Sports NFL Analyst Justin Davis

Who is playing quarterback for the Jets this year? Is it Geno Smith, Mark Sanchez, David Garrard, Greg McElroy, Matt Simms, or maybe even Tebow gets called back after his release yesterday. This is the most disgusting, ugly, pitiful group of quarterbacks I have ever seen. Up until the draft I was rooting for McElroy to get the starting nod considering he was the only guy under center last year that looked remotely like he could actually win a game. Now with the addition of Geno Smith, who knows whats going on.

If we have learned anything from the years of Rex Ryan being a Head Coach it is that no matter what should happen for the good of the team, hes probably going a different direction. This dude actually has a tat of Sachs tebowing on his arm. What the hell is that all about? A coach cant do that in any sport at any level no matter what. Rex Ryan is not going to be the Head Coach of the Jets forever so when that day comes when hes looking for a job, that stupid tattoo might seem pretty stupid. The biggest decision that Ryan is going to make thus far in his coaching career should be who is going to be the starting QB this year. His back to back AFC Championship appearances don’t matter, his winning seasons don’t matter, his great defenses in Baltimore and N.Y. don’t matter. What matters is how the Jets get back to being a winning team and the first piece to that puzzle is making a good decision on who the starter is. The problem still remains that even with the pick of Geno Smith, the Jets still don’t have a QB to start the season.

David Garrard is way past his prime and never paned out to be what he was supposed to after a breakout season in 2007 where he threw 18 TD’s and only 3 INT’s. The thing is that that was his 6th year in the NFL and he never had receivers to throw to after that. He ended his starting days after the 2010 season where he had a pretty decent season owning a 90.8 passer rating and throwing 25 TD’s in 14 games. He since has not thrown a pass in a regular season game and likely has lost all his motivation and confidence to be a starter again.

Matt Simms is somehow on the roster and has a 0.0 percent chance of being a starter. He played for two colleges for a total of 3 years throwing a combined 8 touchdowns and 9 interceptions in his college career. He also hasen’t played a down in the NFL in his short career.

Greg McElroy looked good in his two appearances last year but has a small sample size as it was the only two games he has played in his career. He had a quarterback rating of 79.2 which sounds pretty low but guess what quarterback has never ended a season with a QB rating that high? Thats right, Mark Sanchez. McElroy honestly has never had a solid shot against the golden boy Mark Sanchez and last year also had to compete with Tim Tebow. Unfortunately, he also has about a none percent chance of starting this year either which leaves the last two quarterbacks on the roster to compete.

Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith? Sanchez was taken way to high and is from USC where quarterbacks are projected to win MVP and inevitably never produce at the NFL level. Geno Smith was taken in the 2nd round but was projected to go pretty high in the 1st and had a great college career. Both are known to be fragile and crumble under too much pressure but Geno Smith still hasen’t had time to develop into a starter, where Sanchez has played 4 complete seasons now. Geno is a boom or bust type of guy who people root for and Sanchez is the current 22 time in a row Not top 10 award winner with his famous “Butt Fumble”.

I personally think that Sanchez is a waste of money and a waste of effort who has had his chances. What excuse does he have? Hes had great defenses, great pro bowl receivers, a decent running game but the excuse is that they were in different seasons and never together. Well guess what? Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees ect. never had all of those at the same time either. The difference is that they had what is took and they lead their teams to the Super Bowl. Sanchez doesn’t own the “intangibles” that we always hear of. He doesn’t have the skill set, he doesn’t have the will, and he doesn’t have the heart to be a starter. Thank God I’m not a Jets fan so I don’t have to worry about the career average 71.7 QB rating having thing that is Mark Sanchez possibly starting for my team this year. Hopefully Rex Ryan continues to enjoy that career average 55.1% completion percentage all the way to the exit when he losses his job for putting Sanchez as the starter and Geno on the bench. We all know its going to happen, its inevitable, Rex Ryan can’t not start Mark Sanchez.


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