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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Time for a Change in the NFL

Wild on Sports
Time For A Change In The NFL
By Wild on Sports Analyst Justin Davis

By now every fan of football has probably heard about Titus Young being arrested four times in a week, but he’s not the exception in the NFL. Over the years we have seen the NFL go from the underpaid superstar personalities of the 60′s and 70′s, to the flamboyant, arrogant, overpaid players that we see today. Obviously not all players of way back when were great people who did no harm and not every player today is arrogant and overpaid, but we have seen a change of personalities in the NFL for the most part. One of the biggest problems in my opinion right now is the amount of arrests and suspensions for NFL players. It seems like every week now there is a player somewhere out there being arrested for assault, DUI, resisting arrest, or drugs.

Since 2000 the amount of arrests of active NFL players is somewhere close to 700, give or take. I understand that in any job there are people who get arrests but for the NFL, its honestly unacceptable. A DUI, hey everyone makes mistakes and those things do happen, but they are still wrong and should no better. Assault on women, drug charges, resisting arrests, and other charges like that are unacceptable no matter what. I think the NFL is too lenient of players getting in trouble and it breeds a bad type of NFL. Most people would say that everyone deserves a second chance and for the most part I do agree but for a man making millions of dollars who is supposed to be a role model to children across the country, there is no second chance for a violent crime in my eyes. There is a database from U-T San Diego that keeps track of all arrests since 2000 and I would encourage readers to check it out. I looked at some of the arrests lately and they were for the most part, ridiculous. Just in the last 2 months there are arrest for breaking and entering, 3 accounts of assault and/or battery, 3 accounts of DUI, 2 accounts of possession of marijuana, 2 accounts of disorderly conduct, 2 accounts of resisting arrest, 4 accounts of public intoxication, 1 arrest in a prostitution sting, 1 account of 3rd degree assault, 1 account of risk or injury to a child, and now Mike Goodson was just arrested for drug possession and weapons charges. These numbers are just in the last 2 months and I bet there was more. Are these the types of people that you try to teach your children to grow up to be like? Are these players names on the back of the jersey that your son wears to the game?

I can only hope that the NFL opens their eyes and stops worrying about ratings and money for a minute and tries to clean up the game. I am a devoted fan like most other fans and I assure you, if you make suspensions longer, kick players out of the NFL, raise fines, and make it known that charges like these will not be tolerated, you will not lose the fans. You will lose the fans by letting these numbers get higher and letting thugs take over the NFL. If the numbers continue to rise and the players continue to get worse, the NFL will perish.

Link to the database: – http://www.utsandiego.com/nfl/arrests-database/


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