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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tebow'd Out

Wild on Sports
Tebow'd Out
By Wild on Sports Analyst Justin Davis

I cringe every time I turn on SportsCenter and see the name or face of Tim Tebow. Never in any sport, at any level, should a terrible backup quarterback receive so much publicity. I don’t care if he is playing in Denver, N.Y. or wherever, the Tebow fanatics come out of the wood works and chant this guys name. Is Tim a great guy? Sure, he probably is one of the best. Is he a decent player? Sure, he loves the game and pours his heart and soul into every down. Is he an overrated, inaccurate, over-drafted bust? Yes, the sad but ever evident truth is that Tim Tebow can not play quarterback in the NFL.

Tim had a solid run in Denver and that will be the highlight of his career. Way over-drafted by Josh McDaniels in the first round, Tebow signed a bigger deal that Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, and RG3 and I wouldn’t let Tebow pay me to let him be in the same film room as those guys. Tebow was a great college QB but that’s where it ended. Since being drafted Tebow has had a great stretch leading to a win in the playoffs, but has done basically nothing else. He has terrible numbers, but even the numbers don’t explain how bad he is. How many times did we see a starting Tebow play terrible for 3 quarters, and then make some plays when the other team is playing the bend but don’t break style? And what happens the next day? “Tebow has done it again” is what we hear all week long. Luckily for us this year, he was actually a back up and didn’t play much but wouldn’t you know it, we still heard about him every week and still do now.

I could go on and on about Tebow’s numbers but I wouldn’t want the “experts” to hear that I’m over here talking trash. I wouldn’t want Tony Dungy who said that he would “take Tebow with a top 10 pick over any other quarterback in the 2010 draft” to know that Tebow’s career completion percentage is 47.9 percent or that he QBR in the “remarkable” 2011 season was a whopping…..29.9. Of coarse Dungy said that before the draft and probably would take that back now but he’s the expert, not the billion non Florida Gator fans who said he was not going to be great. Im not going to tell the forever Tebow loving cast that is everyone at ESPN that Tebow lead the NFL in fumbles with 14 in only 11 starts that year or the fact that he had 12 passing TD’s in those 11 starts which for sure ranks high with great quarterbacks. I of coarse am not even going to entertain his stats from last year with the Jets since he threw 8 passes for 39 yards or his rookie season when he only started 3 games going 1-2.

When the Jets released Tebow I said to myself, “self, thank God he’s finally released so I don’t have to hear about that controversy”. What I didn’t know was that during the beginning of rookie mini camps and basketball and hockey playoffs, I would still hear about Tebow. I DON”T CARE if Tebow plays in the CFL or what team might take a chance on him and neither does anyone else who isn’t a die hard Tebow follower. As if that wasen’t enough, now ESPN is offering him a job to be an analyst if he doesn’t continue to play football. I can deal with guys like Tim Hasselbeck being an NFL analyst because at least he knew the mechanics of being a quarterback and even though he wasen’t good, he knew the fundamentals. How am I going to listen to Tim Tebow criticize an NFL quarterback for anything when he couldn’t use the fundamentals to be an NFL quarterback.

I think Tebow is probably a stand up guy who means well and is a decent human being but I don’t think his backup quarterback career is worth my ratings on TV. We don’t hear anything about actual backups who show promise one day so why do we hear about a guy who couldn’t keep a spot in April on a roster with 6 quarterbacks in which almost all were drafted lower than him. Tebow could land a spot as a 3rd down back or a number 3 or 4 TE as a project and maybe even on a practice squad but if that’s not enough, take your overpaid talent and do something else. The media has ruined my ability to look past Tebow as a person with their coverage of him and that’s not Tim’s fault, I blame the media.


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