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Friday, May 3, 2013

Hoopshysteria: Get Out the Brooms

Wild on Sports
Hoopshysteria: Get Out the Brooms
By Wild on Sports Analyst Talyon Perry

We are two weeks into the NBA Playoffs and the broom has already come out as Miami swept Milwakee and San Antonio swept the Lakers. The first upset has also happened with the Warriors beating the Nuggets in 6, thanks to Stephan Curry playing at a MVP level.

One of the main stories of the playoffs is injuries. Warrior forward David Lee finally made the playoffs and gets injured in game 1. The OKC Thunder also took a hit after they found out Russell Westbrook will be out for the remainder of the playoffs -- have lost two games since the announcement -- and we are still hearing the constant rumors about Derek Rose returning, even though he was cleared to play almost 2 months ago.

On the court action has also heated up with two more potential upsets...

The two matchups are between 4 and 5 seeds so they aren't huge upsets, but could impact the championship picture. The LA Clippers and the Memphis Grizzlies are one of these matchups. Once considered a title contender, the Clippers are now in a fight for their lives just to get out of the first round. In the most physical matchup in the playoffs (thanks to Randolph and Griffin) the Grizzlies have controlled the pace over the last few games, and could end soon.

On the East Coast, the Bulls and Nets are currently tied at 3-3 but neither team is playing to their potential. The Bulls have the edge in this series thanks to the unexpected production from Belinelli. Expect a great battle from all teams as they try to save themselves from elimination.

Until next time, enjoy the games this weekend!


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