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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hoopshysteria: Conference Semi's Ya'll

Wild on Sports
Hoopshysteria: Conference Semi's Ya'll
By Wild on Sports NBA Analyst Talyon Perry

The Bulls may have ended Miami's streak but they couldn't stop the big three from walking all over them. The Bulls were destroyed on defense, in some times looking more like the Bobcats. They didnt help themselves by having several starters foul out in the 4th quarter. On the bright side, ESPN can finally cover something other than "The Return" of Derek Rose.

In the other Eastern Conference semifinal the Pacers and Knicks are in a 3-2 battle with Indiana in the lead. The Knicks have suffered in large part due to 6th man of the year J R Smith battling Flu-like symptoms; or Smith is just trying to save himself. The Knicks have no chance if they continue to play selfishly like they have been for the whole series. Carmelo seems to have graduated from the Allen Iverson school of basketball, taking almost half of this team's shots, most of which seem to be blindfolded.

The Western Conference has seen the first major upset of the playoffs with the Grizzlies taking down the defending conference champions, the Oklahoma City Thunder. This wasn't a surprised because of Westbrook's injury and Martin's inconsistency. The Grizzlies also dominated the paint thanks to Defensive player of the year Marc Gasol.

Lastly the San Antonio Spurs hold a slim 3-2 lead over the Warriors. Curry has been the pest player in the playoffs thus far but could be limited by his reinsured ankle. The Spurs have been good all series never letting things get too far out of reach and closing games very well. The Warriors only have a chance if Curry can overcome his ankle issues.


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