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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Giancarlo Trade Saga Continues - NL West

Wild on Sports
The Giancarlo Stanton Trade Saga
NL West Edition
 By Wild on Sports Analyst Aaron Dorman

1. Diamondbacks trade lhp Tyler Skaggs, of AJ Pollock, ss Chris Owings and 3b/1b Matt Davidson for of Giancarlo Stanton

WHY IT WORKS: Arizona has shown a willingness to fill needs with their enviable pitching depth, and although Skaggs may represent the best of their young pitching crop he’s also the most unproven, and they have no room for him right now anyway. Pollock would replace Stanton in Miami but the real meat of the deal would be Owings and Davidson, who’d plug holes in the Marlins’ lineup with, at the very least, above-average power. Stanton would make the crowded outfield even more crowded but he’d go a long way towards erasing the mistake Arizona made by dealing away Justin Upton.

WHY IT WON’T: You can’t bench Cody Ross! Jason Kubel!! Eric Chavez!!! Would the Diamondbacks really trade both Trevor Bauer AND Skaggs within six months? Didn’t the Upton trade show that Kevin Towers doesn’t know how to build a team prefers depth and a strong collection of solid all-around players as opposed to one centered around a few stars? Does Stanton even fit into their budget?


2. Dodgers trade of Yasel Puig, rhp Zach Lee and 3b Corey Seager for of Giancarlo Stanton

WHY IT WORKS: This trio of prospects would definitely be a strong, competitive package for Stanton. Puig and Lee are doing well in the high minors, and Seager is having a solid debut in full-season ball after being drafted in the first round last year. Miami could install Puig almost immediately in Stanton’s place, and could call up Lee later on this year. The Dodgers would have to trade Carl Crawford or Andre Ethier but the new ownership group seems to have bottomless pockets full of cash and Stanton would be the best player acquired so far since they began hoarding high-profile (and high-salaried) stars.

WHY IT WON’T: The Dodgers budget has to hit a ceiling somewhere, right? More importantly, they currently have no open spot in the outfield; that’s one of the reasons why Puig is still down there in the first place and until they can find a taker for Andre Ethier or Carl Crawford, they can’t trade for Stanton. Also, do they even want to? Crawford’s having a tremendous bounce-back season so far, and Ethier, while off to a slower start, helps balance out the lineup. The Dodgers are also somewhat thin, particularly in position player prospects, and may want to use depth to trade for guys up the middle or more pitching. Still, the Dodgers haven’t really operated recently with respect to need. After all, they had about eight or nine possible starting pitchers earlier in the spring. Bad luck and the Aaron Harang trade has trimmed that quite a bit. PROGNOSIS: POSSIBLE TRADING PARTNERS.

3. Giants trade 1b/of Brandon Belt, of Gary Brown and rhp Clayton Blackburn for of Giancarlo Stanton

WHY IT WORKS: Belt has already proven he is at least an on-base machine at the major league level. He’s off to a slow start but at age 25 there is still reason to hope he develops more power and consistency. Brown and Blackburn are solid complementary pieces who could help a team although neither is expected to be a star. The Giants have had some trouble filling the outfield corners with everyday players; Stanton would obviously help fix that. They also will have money to burn after this year when Barry Zito, Tim Lincecum and Hunter Pence all become free agents.

WHY IT WON’T Over the past decade the Giants have seemed to prefer developing their own stars, something which they’ve been exceedingly good at. Bumgarner, Cain, Lincecum, Posey and Sandoval have all come from within, and even Ryan Vogelsong was once a highly touted Giants prospect. The last time San Francisco traded away a top prospect backfired, in 2011 when they dealt Zack Wheeler for Carlos Beltran, who was solid but couldn’t push San Francisco over the top. Their farm system is already thin. San Francisco seems to enjoy success with their current model of tremendous pitching and defense, with Posey being the only significant threat in the lineup.


4. Padres trade Chase Headley for prospects, trade those prospects and of Rymer Liriano for of Giancarlo Stanton

WHY IT WORKS Let’s just assume for now that a Chase Headley package could be used to acquire major-league ready and/or high profile young arms, or really talent of any kind, which along with the athletic Liriano, could be enough to land Stanton.

WHY IT WON’T Chase Headley will be traded in the hope of landing two or three future stars, not simply to swap out one marquis player for another. However, outside of Headley the Padres just don’t have the kind of high-end talent needed to acquire Stanton, unless they plan on shooting themselves in the foot. Yonder Alonso, Jedd Gyorko and Yasmani Grandal are the kinds of guys who could be traded for Stanton…but the Padres have no replacements for them. Down on the farm, the Padres currently lack any real blue-chip talents, although last year’s first round pick, Max Fried, could move into the top 50 prospects in baseball by the end (or middle?) of this year.


5. Rockies trade of David Dahl, of Eric Young inf Josh Rutledge and lhp Drew Pomeranz for of Giancarlo Stanton and rhp Ricky Nolasco

WHY IT WORKS: David Dahl is a five-tool player in the low minors, a potential superstar, but with CarGo, Dexter Fowler and Stanton, the Rockies could afford to deal him. Young and Rutledge are young but essentially placeholders, filler so the Marlins get more depth in the deal. Pomeranz has lost his rookie status after struggling in Colorado last year but he’s dominated in AAA, even in the hitter-friendly environment of Colorado Springs, so it’s not hard to envision him finding success after a move to another ball club. The Rockies could compete all year with this new version of the Blake Street Bombers…

WHY IT WON’T …or, as expected before the year began, their hitting could regress and their pitchers, who have surprised thus far, could fail to pick up the slack. It’s still safest to bet the Rockies don’t have enough pitching to compete this year, and that as good as he is, Troy Tulowitzki will not continue to hit like Mickey Mantle at shortstop. The Rockies may have a great lineup with “Tulo”, Fowler, Gonzalez, Wilin Rosario and the young phenom Arenado at third, but they still have no first baseman and nobody who looks like even a third starter outside of Jhoulys Chacin, himself a big question mark. Stanton could be the next Larry Walker, but what Colorado really needs to get back on top is the next Ubaldo Jimenez.



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