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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cam Newton Ready for Breakout

Wild on Sports
Cam Newton Ready for Breakout
By Wild on Sports Analyst Justin Davis

In his first two seasons, Cam Newton has put up some astronomical numbers in passing and rushing. As a rookie in 2011 he threw for over 4,000 yards and ran for over 700 while scoring 35 total touchdowns, 14 of which were on the ground. Cam followed that up last year with throwing for almost 3,900 yards, rushing for over 700, and scored 27 touchdowns. In his second year, Cam dropped his numbers of interceptions from 17 to 12 but doubled his fumbles from 5 to 10. For some, this could be what you would call a sophomore slump but for most of us, this is called a great second season for a future superstar.

In this coming season Newton should be ready to start competing in the playoffs with a better overall team and I think that will boosts his numbers. Cam is known for seeming selfish and arrogant but gets down on himself when something bad happens. I do see this as Cam’s only real flaw in his game as we know about the Superman poses when he scores a touchdown, even when his team is down by three scores. If he can get a little more focused on the game and winning as a team, and not just an individual, Newton’s name and numbers will go even higher. Being 6’5 and 250 pounds, Cam is anything other than a normal quarterback. He is going to continue to rush the ball and he is going to continue to average over 5 yards per carry because no player on defense can really take him down easily. Mix that in with his ability to chuck the ball the length of the field and his physical attributes are remarkable. Newton’s completion percentage remains an issue as it is sub 60% but that is something he can continue to work on and perfect in the coming years.

I will not be surprised to see Cam start showing up in the MVP races as early as this year if he can lead his team to the playoffs which will be a difficult tasks. He will be facing Atlanta and New Orleans twice a year in the division and if the Panthers can manage to upset those teams and a few others, the will be in the playoffs and I would love to see Cam in the playoffs. Could you imagine the energy that guy is going to bring to a game when he actually has a winning record. That attitude and selfishness is either going to go out the window and he will become more of a team player, or it will get even worse which could cause him to actually have even better numbers and still lead him to winning. I’m not willing to say he’s one of the best yet, but I think this year could be the year that my opinion changes.


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