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Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Grades: Detroit Lions

Wild on Sports
Draft Grades: Detroit Lions
By Wild on Sports Analyst Davis McGregor
The Draft has come and gone and the choices made by professional General Managers all hit the microscope by the fans. Almost everyone becomes a critic around this point of the year claiming they could be a much better GM. Those claims won’t be too quiet in Motown either.

First round picker Ziggy Ansah is nothing but a bag of questions at this point. Hailing from Ghana, the BYU graduate has only played football for two years. Spending most of his life on a soccer field, Ansah didn’t strap on the pads until 2010. Who would’ve thought just a few years later he would be going to the Detroit Lions as a first round pick.

Defensive end was a strong need for the Lions but picking up Ansah strictly on his athletic ability is a little shaky. A sheer lack of experience is why I’m not toatalluy sold on him yet. He does have a huge upside however.

There really doesn’t seem to be a ceiling on Ziggy’s abilities. He has flashing speed and knows how to use that to get to the quarterback. Alongside Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley they three should do some devastating damage to passers around the league.

Detroit had one of the worst pass defenses around the league last season. Picking up Darius Slay out of Mississippi State was a solid pick but a bit of a stretch in my opinion. Coming off that knee injury he is a bit of a risk just like Ansah. Slay has impressive size and speed to hang with some of the biggest and fastest receivers in the NFL. I’m still waiting to see how this arthroscopic knee surgery turns out to put too much hope into him. If all goes well he can be a starter on the defense and hopefully turn them around.

With these two big question marks its hard to give a definitive grade on these players without seeing them play in the big leagues. As they are right now though, I give the Lions a B and hope that these risky picks play out well.


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