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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Hearts Go Out to Boston

Wild on Sports
Our Hearts Go Out to Boston
By Josh Tarr on behalf of the entire Wild on Sports Orginazation

 Puckmania takes a back seat today.

Hockey means so much to the people who play it and/or watch it. Some people are only drawn in to the game because of fights and giant open ice hits. Others are enticed by the thrill of a breakaway and elite puck handling which together, creates highlight reel goals. But for me, what makes Hockey and other sports so special is the ability each team has to bring its community closer. Through community service, through fundraisers, through playoff runs and losing streaks, through record breaking statistics and through slumps and injuries. Sports help broaden a sense of pride for the community it represents, which is a very beautiful thing. But what a sports fan has to remember is that a sport is just a game.

The Bruins, who are slumping late in their regular season were to play the Ottawa Senators Monday night at the TD Garden before the terror attacks at the Boston Marathon shut down the city and postponed their game. While there were some who were just upset that the game was not played, a vast majority of Bostonians were held in disbelief that a violent act to this magnitude could happen so close to home.

As a young adult who spent the first 18 years of my life a half hour east of Boylston Street, the news of the Marathon bombings were surreal and very mentally disturbing. I have spectated the race many times as a child and walked in Copley Square multiple times. Like many others, my heart bleeds for the victims, families, Boston and the surrounding communities.

If you are reading this, I want you to know that YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO HELP.

Rather than retweeting a tweet/sharing a facebook post to “donate a dollar”, ACTUALLY donate to credible charities like the Red Cross, Blue Cross Blue Sheilds MA, etc.

Rather than talking about much the images of the aftermath disturb you, sign up for a habitat for humanity organization and help clean up the mess that you despise so much. I imagine that it is a life changing experience and hope to have the chance to one day be a part of a project.

Rather than talk about how terrible the world is becoming, help make it a better place. Become friends with your neighbors, do good deeds for the sake of doing good deeds, make peace with those you have trouble with and tell those who are close that you love them. The world will not become a better place on its own.

Thankfully, Boston is a community where its citizens and sports teams are very close to one another. The Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics and Patriots have donated millions of dollars to local communities and charities throughout the years and have shown their support for deaths and tragedies such as the Newtown shootings and the Marathon Bombings. Bostonians love their sports teams and the sports teams love Bostonians. Unfortunately, it’s only the best and the worst of times that brings a community together as tightly as Boston is today. But when Boston and it’s surrounding cities support each other as much as they do right now, well, it makes me pretty damn proud to be a Bostonian.


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