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Thursday, April 4, 2013

NFL Draft Preview: Washington Redskins

Wild on Sports
2013 NFL Draft Capsules:

Washington Redskins
 By Wild on Sports NFL Analyst Davis McGregor

On the Clock: Washington Redskins

Team Overview:
With the help of the electrifying RG3, the Skins were able to win their division to clinch a playoff spot. However, it was this same quarterback that not only ruined their playoff run, but ruined his knee as well. If the Redskins hope to repeat last seasons success, they will need their sophomore signal caller to be at 100% and be much more careful with taking shots outside the pocket.

Team Needs:
1. Defensive Back
2. Offensive Line
3. Receiver

Likely Fits:
Every analyst comes up with a mock draft that they believe will be correct, but no one can really be totally sure. Well everyone but me. In fact I can guarantee who Washington takes in the first round, no one.

In a deal to move up picks and draft Robert Griffin last year the Redskins had to trade their first rounder over to the Rams. While that makes this year a lackluster draft, the trade definitely worked out for them.

As for who they take in the second round, that’s something I cannot fully guarantee. My guess though is that they look to take someone to help solidify the secondary.

Someone who can lay the lumber on his opponents and physically dominate his area of the field. Someone who has strong experience who has been starting for his whole college career. Someone named D.J. Swearinger.

While Jadaveon Clowney gets all the credit for making big hits, like the one on Michigan’s Vincent Jackson, Swearinger has put together a solid highlight tape of his own. He has been destroying receivers since his first year on the team, which also happened to be his freshman year.

Swearinge also showcased his versatility of the defense by racking up some time playing at corner. When injuries plagues Spurrier’s D, he called on D.J. to pick up the slack. If Mike Shanahan decides to do the same and draft Swearinger he would bring a much-needed improvement to the Washington.

Like most teams this year, the Redskins are not immune to the needs of an offensive line. With all the big name players gone before the Redskins picks are up, you have to dig pretty deep to find a player for them.

When it comes around to the 2nd round Shanahan’s best bet for drafting a new blocker comes from Justin Pugh. He performed pretty well as Syracuse, protecting Ryan Nassib for 2 years.

Pugh is a great blocker that is able to make blocks on the move. He is mobile and does a get job moving to the second level to take down bakers. With the strong run game that RG3 brings to the table this pick up would do well with protecting him.

The only real problem that comes along with Pugh is his arm size, the kid looks like a dinosaur. His arms are only 32” long, which for a 6’4” man is significantly shorter than average.

While this is definitely a disadvantage to Pugh, it isn’t anything that he doesn’t make up for with his flat out skill. When round 2 comes around, if the Redskins decide to take a lineman over a DB, then there’s no one better than dino boy.

Next on the draft list for Washington is a receiver. Right now the Redskins have a pretty solid receiver corps but with no real stand outs. One player with tremendous skill that just may drop down to he 3rd round is Oregon State’s Markus Wheaton.

Wheaton has speed and quickness unlike many in the NFL right now. It is this skill set that allowed him to become the all-time leader in receptions at his alma mater while also dazzling as a track star. Should he fall to the mid rounds he would be an excellent addition to the team instantly, as well as growing into the aging Santana Moss’s roll.

Although the Redskins lost their 1st round pick last year in a trade, this years draft has enough depth to keep them interested. It will be interesting to see if players like Markus Wheaton will fall so far, and if he will end up in the capital next season.

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