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Thursday, April 4, 2013

NFL Draft Preview: Dallas Cowboys

Wild on Sports
2013 NFL Draft Capsules:

Dallas Cowboys
 By Wild on Sports NFL Analyst Davis McGregor

On the Clock: Dallas Cowboys

Team Overview:
Up until about a week ago when Jerry Jones gave Tony Romo the contract of a lifetime I would have suggested they look to the draft for a quarterback. EJ Manuel or Matt Barkley in the 2nd round. But now with Romo locked up for another 6 years they should turn their attention to other concerns.

Team Needs:
1. Offensive Line
2. Defensive Line
3. Running Back

Like every other team in the league the Cowboys are after rookies to step up their front lines. For a team that allowed 36 sacks and 75 QB hits it isn’t a surprise they’re looking to upgrade.

Demarcus Ware is also way passed his prime as needs a replacement as the edge rusher for this defense. Looking to the draft seems to be the best idea considering the free agency hasn’t been yielding too many younger pass rushers either.

So if Romo wants to earn that contract he just got, he better hope that Jerry Jones goes after a lineman on either side of the ball.

Likely Fits:
Coming from the recent NFL pipeline, Dallas should be calling the name of D.J. Fluker. Straight out of The University of Alabama, Fluker has been a key component of the Tide’s dominance in the run game, as well as providing some pass protection for A.J. McCarron.

If the Cowboys are going to be successful this season they need to be able to establish the run game. If they get this going than it should allow Romo to thrive under play action and catch the defense off guard. Granted I don’t see that giving Dez Bryant the 2000 yards he is promising but will definitely eat apart a defense.

And who better to run behind the D.J. Fluker? He’s 6’ 5” 340lbs. That’s one big boy and combined with his surprising quickness, brings together the whole package. With all the talent on the offensive line coming out this year Fluker should move to the middle of the round. Dallas is hoping down to pick 18 so they can set him up in a blue and silver jersey.

And he may not be the only ‘bama boy moving to Dallas. The Demarco Murray-Felix Jones combo has been mediocre at best so with the 2nd round pick of the 2013 draft. I say bring in someone new. So why not Fluker’s teammate Eddie Lacy.

Lacy was running behind Fluker’s blocks for the last 3 years and by contrast Fluker knows Lacy’s running style.

The Crimson Tide was carried all the way to Miami for the championship on Lacy’s back, and behind Fluker’s lead blocks. If Dallas drafts D.J. as their new right tackle, Lacy would be a powerful complementary back to that draft pick.

Taking a little bit of the load of Jones’ shoulders isn’t a bad idea either. Every game his stats dump off in the second half so if they had Lacy come in when Jones slacked; that would be one hell of a 1-2 punch with Murray thrown into the mix too. Lacy experience a similar system at Alabama when splitting carries with freshman T.J. Yeldon.

It’s rare for a situation like this to present itself to a team, a dominant tackle and running back going in proceeding rounds. Jerry Jones might be able to prove that he is fit to be the Dallas GM if he can look up and see these picks in the upcoming draft.

Choosing D.J. Fluker will take care of the offensive line, but now its time to work on the defenses big men. And now the next suggestion will not be Jesse Williams, Alabama doesn’t have the best players at every position. When it comes to building up the D-line, looking at Alabama rival LSU makes more sense.

Barkevious Mingo made a name for himself wreaking havoc throughout the SEC at Louisiana State. Something much desired in the NFL. With the league moving towards a more pass heavy system, defenses have started reacting the same way. Big, Vince Wilfork-esque, men used to be the ones down in the trenches but that’s beginning to change. Now it’s those that can rush the passer who are most coveted.

Mingo actually has a very similar play style to Dallas’ Demarcus Ware too. Both grew in college by playing in a 4-3 scheme, yet are still able to thrive in a 3-4.

If he is still available by the time Dallas comes on the clock, Mingo could be a great addition to the Cowboys defense and take over for Ware once he leaves the league. America’s team put up 34 sacks this year and the 4 that Mingo racked up at LSU would help that count out nicely.

Dallas may not have the number 1 pick, but they are still able to get the perfect player for their needs. Should Jerry Jones start rolling with the tide, he might go ‘bama all the way and choose Fluker and Lacy. Or go in a different direction with Mingo, keeping Lacy in the discussion of course. Either way this years draft is looking very good for America’s Team

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