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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hoopshysteria: It's Kobe vs. Jazz

Wild on Sports
Hoopshysteria: It's Kobe vs. Jazz

By Wild on Sports Analyst Talyon Perry

With only a few weeks left in the regular season the playoff battle rages on. The Bucks have locked up the 8th seed in the East, while the Lakers and Jazz still fight for the last spot in the Western Conference.
The Lakers currently hold the final spot by a slim margin, but the battle is far from over. Don't be surprised if the two continue to switch back and forth as they have been recently.

The Lakers have a star studded Line-up, but Nash's age is stating to show as he is still injured. One thing you can't dispute is that Kobe Bryant is doing everything he can to help his team get into the playoffs. The Jazz have the deepest front court in the NBA. From their starters, Jefferson and Millsap, to their young bench featuring Favors and Kanter. On the flip side, they have very little depth and star power in their backcourt. This could prevent them from getting open looks down low.

So who has the advantage going into the homestretch? The Lakers. They have (arguably) an easier schedule ahead and more importantly,who can argue with Kobe right now?

Sunday will be a great day of basketball matchups. From the crosstown matchup between the Lakers and Clippers to the conference battle between Utah and Golden State. The most entertaining game of the day will be the Knicks vs the Thunder. This features two of the best small forwards in the game: Carmelo and Durant. Also, both teams have high scoring sidekicks (Smith and Westbrook) and great low post defenders (Chandler and "Imblocka"). If Anthony can pull another 40+ point game there is no way for the Thunder to compete.


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