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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A+ Chiacgo

Wild on Sports
A+ Chicago
Per usual when a horrific tragedy strikes our country's people unite from city to city to show their support for the victims and a wonderfully overwhelming display of patriotism. The Chicago Tribune ran the above as the cover page to the sports section today.

Across the sports world players have their own ways of showing their support. We feel it is important that these be recognized as a symbol of our unity both from a sports standpoint but more importantly as a country.

 Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Ben Revere made headlines Monday night for the message on his glove and then the catch he made with it.

Phoenix Coyotes defensemen and Milton, MA native Keith Yandle delivered his message on his skate during Monday's game against the Chicago Blackhawks.

In that same game everyone in the arena showed their patriotism with one of the most chilling National Anthems in recent history...

4/15/13 - Dallas Stars at Chicago Blackhawks, United Center

Its moments and gestures like these that fill you with pride and remind us all that that sports are about more than winnings and losing. Sports are a major part of this culture and will continue to be well beyond the lives of anyone reading this today. For one day at least teams and players all across the United States are playing on the same team. These are just a handful of the reminders of that. 

A+ Chicago and A+ to the countless others who have shown their respect and pride in their country in various ways.


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