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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

49ers Continue to Bulk Up

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49ers Continue to Bulk Up

One thing is for sure, Jim Harbaugh does not take losing lightly. After a 2012 season that ended in a loss to his brother's Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl, the younger Harbaugh is looking to make another run to the promise land, and stacking up his roster to do it.

Tuesday that bulk up was highlighted by the signing of former all-pro DB Nnamdi Asomugha. Asomugha was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles last month following a major let down season on the heals of signing a 5-year $60million contract in 2011. Despite the down year in Philadelphia, Asomugha as recently as two years ago was considered to be one of the truly elite corners in the game.

The price to acquiring such a premium talent for the 49ers? A mere $1.35million, none of which is guaranteed. It marks a major paycut for Asomugh but when you factor in that the Eagles still owe him $14million this season, I think the guy will be doing just fine for himself.

"He believes in karma and timing," said Asomugh's agent Ben Dogra in a Tuesday release. "He wants to show everybody it's not about the money for him. He wants to prove something. He could have walked away and retired. He wants to play for a winner. He's inspired. He wants to be part of a great team and take care of unfinished business from last year. He wants to end this on his terms. Hopefully, he can get a ring and stay happy."

If the 49ers are getting the inspired ex-Raider great as opposed to the Eagle shell of himself, they will have found themselves the steal of the 2013 off-season.


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