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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trade Deadline Preview: Boston Bruins

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Trade Deadline Preview: Boston Bruins
By Brian Peirce

The Bruins have rumors swirling around them for two players right now Ryan Whitney the common scratch in Edmonton and Jarome Ignila. Both of these guys make some sense for the right price and in the right role. Whitney is a gamble to see if the change of scenery will wake him up, and Ignila is a big gamble because he will be expensive and maybe just a rental. I covered many of the benefits and negatives with my Flames and Kings entries, but the fact that Boston is on the rumored short list of four teams Ignila will accept makes this a true possibility for the Bruins. Chicago, LA, Boston, and Pittsburgh would each have to give up a top goaltender prospect, another prospect and a top pick. For the Bruins the 19 year old goaltender Subban is the make or break part of the deal.

This is why I think the Bruins are in the top two teams to get Ignila because they have what they need. No team is as short in goaltending as the Flames and while I think they want Bernier more to rebuild fast with a more known commodity. Subban would be the long term rebuilding choice that would allow their top picks to go towards something besides the next goaltender. The Flames are going to look long and hard at this and what other moves are available so I think this might be the last big trade of the deadline. The Bruins also look to be the only market to trade him where they won’t have to worry about him as much so I think they are the favourites to get him.

Ryan Whitney is the more likely trade to happen quickly. He is UFA and has a cap hit of 4 million. Getting both of these players is doable because of the averaging of the remaining cap hits, but I am not a math expert so I don’t know when that day comes, but every day leading up to the deadline every single team has more cap space. They will only get Whitney if it is cheap, and Vishnovsky from last year set a price for this sort of player. A second rounder might get it done by itself, though it might get more expensive as others get involved.

Nathan Horton has a NTC but is UFA. They might consider trying to move him if they get Ignila. It is doubtful but possible. Really the Bruins are concerned with beating Montreal and the secondary scoring is not there. Some think they would go after Martin St. Louis, but they will be in the same division next year, so I don’t think that is going to happen. I love the Original Six teams, and cannot wait to see what happens. They are strong in the short and long term, so I wouldn’t do much if I were Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli.

**Editor's Note*** -- With Iginla traded to Pittsburgh as of Thursday morning, expect a strong push from the Bruins for Martin St. Louis. The Lightning may be reluctant to send him to a team that will be an inner division opponent next year but the Bruins are now motivated buyers and have plenty of cap space to take on St. Louis and maybe a bad contract to sweeten the pot for Tampa Bay.


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