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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Fallout - Round 1

Wild on Sports
The Fallout - Round 1
By Brian Peirce

A couple of quick points I have to get off my chest. Ignila makes the Penguins better on paper, but who knows if adding these forwards will make the Penguins like the 2002 Red Wings or more like the current New York Rangers. What I didn’t like is how they played Boston and how Ignila pretty much strong-armed his former team into taking a worse deal. He should fit in well on a team of me first attitudes.

The Flames now have to figure out how much more they want to rip the team apart. Rumors say that six teams are after Bouwmesster, which doesn’t make much sense to me with his cap number. I read a rumor that the Wings were looking at two players from the Flames, but needed to move some roster players to make it happen. I don’t know what they could move, but I would think Cammalleri would be what the Wings would be after. Many teams would be as well. They should be full out sellers right now; also they might win the lotto for Mackinnon. Boston could go after St Louis, but I don’t think Tampa is going to trade in their new division, which would also leave out the Wings who are rumored to go after them.
These things move fast so we shall see.

A quick list to make it easy on teams I haven’t covered yet.
Buyers- Hawks, Wild, Flyers, Blues, Sharks, Canucks, Leafs (Flyers should be sellers but they don’t live in the real world.)
Sellers- Tampa, Flames, Florida, Sabers


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