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Friday, March 29, 2013

Romo Signs Mega Deal

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Romo Signs Mega Deal

If I were to write an untitled entry that just simply said "an NFL quarterback signed a 6 year contract extension today worth $108million, $55million of which is guaranteed, who would you logically think had signed it?  

Peyton Manning?

Drew Brees?

Tom Brady?

Tony Romo? Wait, what?

You guessed it, the same Tony Romo who is surrounded by the whispers year in and year out as to whether he is good enough to take the Cowboys on a deep playoff run just signed a deal that will more or less make him a Cowboy for life.

Ok, time to throw a little logic into the head scratching. The real reason, according to the so called "NFL experts" is for salary cap space. Romo would have been $16.8million cap hit in 2013. For a team that is tight up against the cap as it is, that number was mighty high. Thanks to the new deal, Romo's 2013 hit will be reduced to $11.8mil saving the team $5mil to use out on the open market.

Before all you Cowboy fans start gushing about what a good team player Romo is for helping his team out, lets take a look at the guaranteed money again -- $55million. That is $3million more than the Joe Flacco deal that I am sure you read a rant or two about on this site. That is nearly double the money of Tom Brady's recent deal.

If you want to argue that Romo might be more talented or valuable than Flacco, OK, I can see that argument. I'm sure some would counter with the Super Bowl ring and MVP, but I hear ya. Its fair. But better than Tom Brady? Seriously Jerry Jones?

Look I don't mind Romo as a quarterback and am actually among the few who think he takes a bit of an undeserved bad rap about his late season struggles. With that said, this contract is insane! You want to save cap space? OK, fine. I get it. But you want to commit that kind of money to a guy who even people in your own organization question on a yearly basis? Crazy. You want to pay him more money than guys who what proven they can get the job done? Even more crazy.

My ultimate point in all of this is that NFL contracts for these players, particularly quarterbacks is getting out of hand. If you want to pay the top handful of guys $10mil+ a year they had better be guys what you believe can get you to the Superbowl. I put it to you Cowboy fans -- do you think Romo is that guy?


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