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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Puckmainia: Mid-Week Pain from Boston

Wild on Sports
Puckmania Weekly Blog:
By Wild on Sports NHL Analyst Josh Tarr
March 28, 2013
Mid-week Pain from a Boston Fan

 For those of you who are not from New England, let me tell you what Bruins fans endured in the last 12 hours:

Last night, the Bruins blew a two goal lead in the 3rd period, twice, before losing to Montreal in the shootout. At this point, most of the hockey world was waiting for an official statement regarding Jarome Iginla being traded to Boston for minor league prospects and a 1st round pick. HOWEVER, around 1am Eastern Standard Time (while I was fast asleep) the deal was finalized with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

It is not a good day to be a Bruins fan in New England. However, I don’t believe Penguins fans should be all smiles about this trade either.

As of right now, the Pittsburgh Penguins have one of the most stacked lineups the league has seen in decades, but they also have a pretty lengthy list of free agents next season. UFA’S include all three rentals they’ve acquired (Iginla, Morrow, Murray) Matt Cooke, Pascal Dupuis, Craig Adams and Mark Eaton are also part of that list. RFA’S include Tyler Kennedy, Dustin Jeffery and Robert Bortuzzo. They will have a smidge over $10 million to resign those 10 guys. Lets see how Ray Shero finds his way out of that.

More to come in my real Puckmania entry this weekend...


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