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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Matty McRants' Weekly Sports Take: Franchise Tag

Wild on Sports
Matty McRants' Weekly Sports Take
March 6th, 2013
A weekly forum for our own "Angry Irishman" to blow off some steam and go on one of his classic sports rants. Sometimes funny, sometimes crazy, sometimes all over the place but always opinionated.
Lets take a look at what is grinding his gears this week...
The Franchise Tag can be a wonderful thing. When used correctly, it can keep a marquee player around for a somewhat fair price. So you would think that a young team that has everything going for them would be smart about what they did with their franchise tag. However, you though wrong.

The Indianapolis Colts decided to use their franchise tag on their punter, Pat McAfee.

I would have loved to be in the room when Jim Isray (the Colts Owner) made this bold choice.

Jim: “So guys, we, uh, are gonna use our franchise tag on Pat”

Everyone Else: “Um, the punter?”

Jim: “Yeah! Who else are we gonna' use this on?”

Everyone Else: “Maybe Dwight Freeney, or, you know, we don't have to use it at all and sign him to a decent deal”

Jim: “Nah, that idea sucks. Let's have the third highest paid punter in the NFL”

So while the Patriots were considering using this franchise tag on Wes Welker and the Ravens may have considered using one on Joe Flacco (before his “it's not about the money” but now I'm the highest paid player in the league contract), the Colts did everyone a favor and used it on a punter.

Good luck with that.


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