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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hoopshysteria: Playoff Chase Heating Up

Wild on Sports
Hoopshysteria: Playoff Chase Heating Up
By Wild on Sports Basketball Analyst Talyon Perry

Another week is in the books and the playoff chase is heating up. Things are looking better for the Lakers (9th in the west) as they are finally .500 and both the Jazz and the Rockets suffered key losses. The Lakers will use the momentum from their 25 point comeback against the Hornets (Kobe 42pts 12 assists) to help propel them into the playoffs. If your the Jazz you should be worried as they have been sliding down as of late.

Other great performances this week include a triple-double from Blake Griffin. Wait, he can get headlines for something other than dunking? Well, not exactly. Griffin's night was capped by an Alley Oop from Crawford that might just be the dunk of the year. Down in South Beach, Lebron extended the Heat's win streak with a game winning layup, he finished with 26 points.

We start our weekend with a match-up with significant playoff implications. The Rockets will take on the Warriors in what will be a very high scoring game. The Rockets have too much firepower and will get an extra cushion to sit on down the stretch. Saturday isn't headlined by any big name match-ups but a great game will still take place in the form of the Warriors and the Bucks. This game will be a reunion with a former Warrior in Ellis and former Buck in Bogut. Look for both players to step up and show what their former teams missed out on. Sunday will treat us to a Lakers-Bulls game. These are both teams that have under performed either due to new teammates (Dwight) or injuries (Rose). Side note, Men's Warehouse is having a sale on Derrick Rose's 2013 game jerseys. Even with inconsistent play from these teams we will see a back and forth battle between Howard and Noah. Expect LA to continue to step up their game and take the win.


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