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Friday, March 1, 2013

Hoopshysteria: Brawling in the Golden State

Wild on Sports
Hoopshysteria: Brawling in the Golden State
By Wild on Sports Basketball Analyst Talyon Perry
March 1, 2012

This has been an exciting week for the Golden State Warriors. They started with a small brawl, that involved Indiana's Roy Hibbert (Hibbert given a one game suspension), and continued with a 54 point performance from Stephen Curry (11-13 3pt). Although they lost both games we saw flashes of stardom from Curry that might answer any critics that believe that the Warriors should have traded Curry instead of Monta Ellis. Other notable performances include Kobe's 38-12-7 game against the Mavs ("Amnesty that") and Kevin Durant's third triple-double against New Orleans.

Now for our weekend preview: Get ready for a track meet in Denver, when two of the league's best fast-break teams meet: the Thunder vs the Nuggets. It's hard to argue against the Thunder but it will be a show none the less. Saturday we will enjoy an Eastern Conference match-up between the Brooklyn Nets and the Chicago Bulls. These two teams are battling for better playoff seeding. Watch for Brooklyn to take an important victory on a great night from Joe Johnson. 

Sunday will be a Basketball heaven with two great match-ups. First, the Heat take on the Knicks. This will great in large part due to the Carmelo and James match-up; who ever wins that match-up wins the game. We will finish off the day with another OKC Thunder game, when they face the Clippers. Westbrook will try to prove that he is one of the top points guards in the league against Chris Paul who seems next to impossible to shut down. No matter who you're a fan of, this weekend will be some of the year's best basketball. Enjoy.


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