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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Matty McRants' Weekly Sports Take: Are you Kidding Me?

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Matty McRants' Weekly Sports Take
February 5th, 2013

A weekly forum for our own "angry irishman" to blow off some steam and go on one of his classic sports rants. Sometimes funny, sometimes crazy, sometimes all over the place but always opinionated.
Lets take a look at what is grinding his gears this week...


Dear Tony Massarotti,

Were you trolling everyone when you wrote “Is losing Rajon Rondo addition by subtraction for the Celtics?” Are you and your editors getting a kick over the page views this is getting, knowing all well that what you've written is a lie? Or, do you actually think that the Celtics are a better team with out their All Star point guard? Because if that's the case, it's time to wave good-bye to your credibility as a believable sportswriter.

To quote Massarotti

“Beyond that, ask yourself this: how many players on these Celtics have played their best basketball since Rondo's season ended? Terry looks like a different player. So does Pierce. Lee and Bradley are a dynamic defensive tandem, the latter drawing a huge offensive foul on Jamal Crawford late in Sunday's game because he was simply in Crawford's shorts. All too often, players like Rondo are praised for making people around them better, but it certainly feels as if the opposite happened to these Celtics.

Rondo made them all worse.”

Yes Tony, because after one game, it's a great idea to say the Celtics are better with out a player who
was averaging a double double before he went down. A player, who on the biggest stages, always seems to have a triple-double. Is that by chance? Possibly. When it happens with consistency? Not so much.

So let's not jump to conclusions just yet here Tony. It's a long season. But when this aging Celtics team is missing a spark in the middle of March, those dog days of the basketball season, wouldn't it be nice to have Mr. Rondo in your starting five? Or would you rather see that “reborn” journeyman Jason Terry throwing up bricks threes?

Logical Boston Celtics fan. 


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