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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hoopshysteria: What Happened to Blockbuster Thursday?

Wild on Sports
Hoopshysteria: What Happened to Blockbuster Thursday?
By Wild on Sports Basketball Analyst Talyon Perry
February 22, 2012
The teams are now set in stone for the remainder of the season after yesterday's trade deadline. What usually is a time for excitement and blockbuster potential turned out to be an almost event-less day. The Josh Smith saga ended on a quiet note as he will stay put in Atlanta for the last year in his contract. The Celtics did not disassemble the franchise. And yes, Dwight Howard is still a Laker.

Who is the biggest winner of the deadline day? The Bucks probably walked away with the biggest improvement after receiving shooter J.J. Reddick who will complement their already lights-out guards Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis. Reddick came at a cheap price of only Harris, Udrih, and Lamb. Only concern going forward is that he is a free agent this offseason. 

Now the biggest loser. This easily goes to the Kings for trading rookie Thomas Robinson (their number 5 pick), Francisco Garcia, and Tyler Honeycutt for Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich, and Toney Douglas. Sacramento citizens may be smiling though, not out of excitement but because their soon to leave team just got much worse. There must have been some behind the scenes stuff going on with Robinson because not too often do you see a team trade a top-5 pick in his rookie season, but on the other hand the Kings front office is one of worst in the league.

Now for our weekend preview: Friday will treat us to a match-up between two SGs that have been on fire with James Harden coming off a career-high shooting night and Joe Johnson following his two clutch shots to put the game into overtime and then to win it. The Rockets are a great offensive team but the defense from Nets guards, Johnson and Williams, should slow down the Rockets. Also expect Brooks to beat up on the Rockets down low. Saturday will be a game between the Clippers and Jazz, two teams that were thought to make some moves before the deadline but decided to stick with their cores. Expect to see a show from lob city but the Jazz big men will quietly keep this game close, advantage still goes to Clippers. We will round out the weekend with a Lakers-Mavericks game. This is a vital game for the Lakers as Kobe has already promised a playoff spot. The Mavs will also come ready with more firepower after acquiring Anthony Marrow from the Hawks. Look for recently surging Dwight Howard to show why the Lakers are behind him 100%.


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