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Monday, January 7, 2013

NFL Wild Card Fanduel Weekend In Review

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A look back at the week that was Wild Card Weekend NFL Fanduel

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QB - Aaron Rodgers  $9,600  vs. Minnesota    16.6
274/1/0 Expected more out of Rodgers from a TD stand point but the game was so far out of hand with rushing and defense that Rodgers could sit back, make the throws when he needed to and guide the team to victory.
QB - Andy Dalton  $7,400  vs. Houston              5.58
127/0/1  Very rough outing for Dalton. The drops hurt his cause but his inaccuracy hurt even worse. Very disappointing.
WR - AJ Green  $7,500  vs. Houston                   10.5
 5/80 After being held without a catch in the first half, he was Dalton's go to guy after adjustment in the 2nd half. Had he been targeted earlier it could have been a decent play but for the money you could have doen better else where.
WR - Greg Jennings  $6,900  vs. Minnesota        8.1
4/61 See Rodgers. Defense+Running Game = tough games for QB's/Wr's
RB - Adrian Peterson  $9,600  vs. Green Bay    11.2
99/0, 1/8 After rushing for 210 and 199 in two games against Green Bay earlier in the season, AP was held to just 99 on Saturday. The lack of a passing game to keep the defense honest hurt his cause. If you spent big on Peterson you put yourself in a bit of a hole this week.
RB - Vic Ballard $6,100  vs. Baltimore                 9.9
91/0, 1/3 Respectable rushing total but several key drops in the passing game ruined what could have been a much more exciting game both in real life and in fantasy.
TE - Jermaine Gresham  $5,300  vs. Houston      1.7
2/7 Drop culprit #1 for Dalton this week.
K - Shayne Graham  $5,500  vs. Cincinnati          14.0
4 FG'S Very solid game for Graham
DEF - Indianapolis Colts  $5,500  vs. Baltimore   5
Not the game we were expecting from the Indy defense. Much better options out there.

Aside from Graham and maybe Rodgers a down week this week. Be sure to check back with us on Thursday as we look to rebound with a strong group for the Divisional Round games.


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