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Monday, January 14, 2013

NFL Divisional Playoffs Fanduel Recap

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A look back at the week that was Divisional Playoff Weekend in NFL Fanduel

Click here to see the picks:  NFL Divisional Playoffs Fanduel

QB - Tom Brady  vs. Houston Texans  $9,700                     25.66
344/3/0 - Only our other pick, Kaepernick, had a better week than Brady. He suffered a couple of tough drops and loss of star TE Rob Grinkowski but still was about to accomplish what that we thought he would (300+, 3TD's). If you played him you probably had a decent week.
QB - Colin Kaepernick  vs. Green Bay Packers  $7,900     47.62
444 Total Yds, 4 TD's - Ah, the top player in Fanduel this week! Kaepernick did it all. Throwing for TD's, rushing for TD's. He single handedly beat down the Packer's defense. If you started Kaepernick this weekend you were probably in the running for the big bucks.
RB - Marshawn Lynch  vs. Atlanta Falcons  $8,400            13.8
87 Total Yds, 1 TD - Not a great game from Lynch. Found the end-zone to salvage the play but there were better options out there for the money.
RB - DuJaun Harris  vs.  San Francisco Giants  $5,500      13.4
64 Total Yds, 1TD - For the low cost, Harris was a pretty good option, finding the end-zone and nearly matching the point total of Lynch, the highest priced RB this week. Solid pick, bargain play.
WR - Wes Welker  vs. Houston Texans  $7,800                  17.1
8/131 - A very good game that could have been great had he found the end-zone. A couple of 1st half drops could have put in in the 150 range but its hard to be picky at this point. Welker certainly benefited from the early injury to Gronkowski. Pretty good play here.
WR - Tory Smith  vs.  Denver Broncos  $5,200                    23.3
3/98/2 - A stud bargain pick this week. Smith was limited to just 3 catches but all three were spectacular going for big yards. Smith, as always is a rick-reward play. This week those who rolled the dice on him were rewarded.
TE - Tony Gonzalez  vs.  Seattle Seahawks  $5,600              14.1
6/51/1 - Pretty much what you would expect from Gonzalez. Found the end-zone early and make the clutch catch late to put the Falcons in field goal range for the game winning kick.
TE - Dennis Pita  vs.  Denver Broncos  $5,400                       7.0
3/55 - Pita was one of the few who didn't put up monster numbers on the receiving end from QB Joe Flacco. Suprising, considering the Broncos defensive woes against TE's this season. There were better plays out there this week.
K - Stephen Gostkowski  vs. Houston Texans  $5,100          11.0
Lowest price, one of the highest totals. Great pick, great play.
DEF - Atlanta Falcons vs. Seattle Seahawks  $5,100              5.0
It was a tough call on defenses this week as every game was, as predicted, fairly high scoring.

Overall, a very good week for those of you who took our advice on Fanduel this week. We made a couple bucks, hope you did as well.


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